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How to Troubleshoot Dodge Neon Emblem Problems

You just turned around the corner and you noticed that something dropped off your Dodge Neon. You alight from your compact car and you see your Dodge Neon emblem on the road. No, you just can't brush it off. You know that your Dodge Neon emblem says a lot about your ride. Besides, who would want to have a damaged or loosely fitted emblem that will ruin the exterior of the car? Certainly not you. Take note of the following tips on how you can easily spot troubles with your car's emblem:

Detached emblem

A Dodge Neon emblem can be attached to your automobile in a variety of ways. An adhesive, some screws, or some tabs may hold your car's badge. Although those bound by an adhesive are relatively easier to re-attach, insignias fastened by screws or tabs are easy to re-mount just the same. You would only need to have the right materials, like a screwdriver. For re-attaching a Dodge Neon emblem with an adhesive, don't forget to clean the surface first. Cleaning is also necessary for emblem installation with screws or tabs, which may also require you to go under your car's hood.

Worn emblem

You may still have your Dodge Neon emblem safely attached on your compact car's hood or sides, but it may not be recognizable anymore. What use is an emblem then? Among the signs of deterioration that can possibly invade your Dodge Neon emblem are rusting and scratching. As these signs of wear are essentially unavoidable, expect your Dodge Neon emblem to reach the point of irreparable wear. When it reaches this point, it might be better to just replace the badge. You can purchase a Dodge Neon emblem at most car accessories stores, and prices range from $17 to $270. If you want an upgrade, there are also Dodge Neon emblems of different styles and designs to suit your liking.

Misaligned emblem

Due to wear, your Dodge Neon emblem (especially the adhesive-type) may become misaligned over time. For a quick fix, detach the insignia first. Applying heat before you pry off your Dodge Neon emblem should make the job easier. And to make sure you get the right alignment, use some painters' tape. Then, with a new layer of adhesive, stick your emblem according to your markings. Voila! You just had your Dodge Neon emblem realigned that easily.

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  • Maintainance Guide for Your Dodge Neon Emblem

    Your Dodge Neon emblem is not just a simple badge. It can be an eye-catching accessory for your car's exterior as well. Without question, the emblem should stay plastered on your car for as long as it could. But damage and wear can get in the way. In this case, you might need some pieces of advice for proper maintenance-just like the ones below:

    Polish your emblem.

    Although water spots and dust piles are not really harbingers of extensive damage, they can still weaken your Dodge Neon emblem. Besides, why would you let your insignia bathe in filth? So get that car shampoo now and subject your Dodge Neon emblem to some polishing. It is also better if you use a soft brush, like the ones you use for painting, to avoid scratching your car sign while you clean it. You can also enhance your Dodge Neon emblem's looks by using a compatible polishing cream. Just don't forget to include the corners!

    Install it properly.

    If you have just purchased a replacement or an additional Dodge Neon emblem, then you had better install it right. This can ward off possible damage while ensuring that your car badge is safely positioned on your vehicle's surface. For the replacement or installation of a new insignia, remember to clean the Dodge Neon emblem and the surface first. Fine particles shouldn't get in the way of a sure and tight fit. Use non-abrasive markings also, such as painters tape, to mark the exact spot where you intend to install your new Dodge Neon emblem.

    Get the right replacement for the old or damaged emblem.

    It may be a minor predicament at first glance, but a Dodge Neon emblem that is frequently replaced or repositioned can be a major car problem in the long run. Since some badges require the use of screws or tabs, a Dodge Neon emblem installation may require you to drill some holes on your vehicle. Of course, if you decide later on that you want a different insignia or you want your emblem at a different spot on your Neon, that'll be a problem-holes, costs, etc. Nasty, isn't it? That's why it is important to be sure of what you want. Choosing the right Dodge Neon emblem doesn't seem to be much of a problem anyway since a variety of car badges can be easily purchased at auto parts stores.