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Chevrolet S10 Fender

Tips to Keep in Mind when Cleaning and Refurbishing Your Chevrolet S10 Fender

Your Chevrolet S10 is a durable pickup equipped with outstanding features to protect you and your vehicle's body at all times. The fender, for one, is used primarily to keep dirt and debris away from the wheel wells. Because of the valuable protection that this offers, your Chevrolet S10 fender can be worn out and get damaged over time. Thus, you should check and maintain your fenders regularly to prevent cases like this from happening. Here are some helpful tips that can guide you:

  • Handle your fenders with care while cleaning them in a shaded area.

You must park your vehicle in a shaded area before cleaning the fenders, so it will not be exposed to too much heat or rain. Once your vehicle has cooled down, you can start the cleaning procedure. Your fenders are usually included in the wheel well. Thus, you must also clean their inner spots to eliminate dirt and debris that may cause damage. Use a soft sponge for cleaning, and wear rubber gloves for protection.

  • Remove rust from your fenders immediately.

You must inspect your fenders regularly for visible signs of rust, which is usually caused by heat or metal damage. Make use of a rust neutralizer or anti-corrosion substance for cleaning your fenders. Scrub the surface using sandpaper, and smoothen out by putting an extra layer of coating. Keep in mind that a simple inspection can prevent rust and oxidation from damaging your fenders further.

  • Carefully reapply paint on your fenders.

After scrubbing your fenders, you should also maintain their overall look. You can reapply paint once you have cleaned them thoroughly. Use rubber gloves and safety glasses while spraying the paint to avoid contact with the chemicals. You can also apply clear coating aside from the paint, so your fenders can be polished and protected at the same time.

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  • Three Tips to Remember for a Successful Installation of Your Chevrolet S10 Fender

    Your Chevrolet S10 is a compact pickup vehicle that is fit for all types of road. Its wheels are enhanced to give you a unique driving experience. But because dirt and debris are often thrown out by the tire and the wheels, you need a reliable fender to prevent these unwanted elements from being thrown into the air. In addition, it prevents corrosive substances from entering the areas surrounding your wheels. Your fender also helps in absorbing road collisions, so the impact and damage will be decreased.

    There is a term that is called "fender-bender", wherein your fender gets deformed or damaged because of a minor crash or impact it encountered. Thus, if your Chevrolet S10 encountered this, you must know the basic tips on how to install a new fender. The process can be quite easy. Just follow these simple tips:

    Tip #1: Check if your fender is fit on your hood rails before installing it.

    Make sure that your new fender is fit on your vehicle's hood rails. The rails are located along the areas surrounding your vehicle's hood when it is closed. You must place your fender over the hood rails in order to see if it fits, so it can be attached securely. Make adjustments if necessary.

    Tip #2: Drill holes for attaching your fender into the hood rails.

    Once you have aligned your fender into its proper position, drill holes in the same location of your hood rails. Draw marks to serve as your guide while plotting the appropriate points for the holes. Secure the fender after drilling, and make sure that it is attached firmly.

    Tip #3: Remove excess surface and reinstall additional components for finishing touches.

    Check your door and hood clearances once you have finished the installation of your fender. In addition, restore all the components that you may have removed in the process, such as your headlights. Remove any excess surface from your fender once it is attached by using an angle die grinder. This handheld tool is used to even out and polish surfaces.