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Chevrolet S10 Fender Flares

Simple and Effective Upkeep Tips for Your Chevrolet S10 Fender Flares

Thanks to your Chevrolet S10 fender flares, you'll never have to worry about mud splattering all over your truck's side panels again. If you want to make the most out of these useful and stylish accessories, make sure you keep them well-maintained. Here are some easy tips to help you out:

  • Wash up your fender flares on a regular basis.

Your fender flares get dirty quite a lot, especially if you always take your truck out for a drive through inclement weathers or over unpaved roads. Expect to see mud and dirt over it after a few days of use. If left to settle over the fender flares, the accumulated dirt may cause scratches and premature fading. This is why you should wash your flares at least once a week. But aside from this schedule, you should still evaluate the condition of your fender flares to figure out if it needs to be cleaned even before it reached the manufacturer-recommended interval.

  • Use only the cleaning materials that are compatible with your flares.

Keeping your Chevrolet S10 fender flares tidy and gleaming is an easy and trouble-free task, especially if the materials that you're using are compatible with the type of flares that you have. Remember that flares come in painted and unpainted types so make sure that you take this into consideration when choosing the proper cleaning methods and tools. You should also read the owner's manual that came with them to get more information regarding the materials, chemicals, and procedures that are perfect for your fender flares.

You can generally make use of non-abrasive brushes and lint-free cloths for scrubbing off dirt and drying up the fender flares. There's no need for you to use cleaners that contain harsh chemical compounds such as ammonia and bleach, so just wash them up using a mild cleaner and water.

  • Don't forget to give some of your attention to its undersides.

Maintaining your fender flares is more than just cleaning the visible areas. The undersides of the flares are ignored most often than not. Don't make the mistake of neglecting this area until the accumulated filth becomes too tough to remove. Hose off the undersides of your fender flares to get rid of loose dirt and debris. You should also clean it using the same materials that you used to clean its visible parts.

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  • Some Helpful Tips for a Hassle-Free Chevrolet S10 Fender Flares Installation

    Your Chevrolet S10 already looks rugged and dashing as it is. What better way to further enhance its appearance than to add an accessory that would not only make it look sharper but would also keep it free from ugly mud and dirt splatters? Aside from keeping dirt away from the side panels, your Chevrolet S10 fender flares are also useful for deflecting pebbles, stones, and other road debris, effectively protecting the precious paint job of your truck.

    Another good thing about fender flares is that they're quite easy to install. Setting them up is an easy DIY task that you can accomplish in the comfort of your own garage. Read on for some tips on how you can install your fender flares easier:

    Tip #1: Before anything else, you should remove the existing fender flares first.

    If your truck came with stock flares, you have to remove this first before you can begin installing the new one. This should obviously be the first thing on the list of installation procedures that you need to do. Detaching your old flares will also give you a better view of the area where you'll install the new ones. Inspect the mounting surface and make sure that it's not corroded. If you see that it is, tend to the rust first. Keep in mind that putting up new flares over a rusty surface won't do your vehicle any good.

    Tip #2: Double-check if the fender flares are compatible with your truck.

    Avoid the hassle and irritation of belatedly finding out that the fender flares that you have aren't compatible with your truck after all the preparations that you've made. Once you receive your new flares, take them out of their package and test-fit them over the mounting surface to see if they go over your vehicle perfectly. They should fit snugly over your fender and no parts should be unaligned.

    Tip #3: Clean the surface where you'll be attaching the flares.

    Most fender flares that are available in market nowadays feature double-sided tapes that are useful for attaching them more firmly over the vehicle. If the mounting surface is dirty, the double-sided tape won't stick on it. This will just make the whole installation process a lot harder than it should've been. So before you begin installing your new flares, rid the mounting surface of dust, dirt, and grime first.