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Chevrolet S10 License Plate Bracket

Problems You May Encounter with a Chevrolet S10 License Plate Bracket

License plates are important means of identification used for your car. In case it gets stolen or you get involved in an accident, a license plate will always come handy in getting your personal details or information. This is the reason most cars have license plate holders used to display license plates properly. However, if these sustain damage, you may end up losing your plates. Some of the common problems encountered by owners with their license plate brackets are listed below:

Prone to cracking

Most, if not all, license plate brackets are made of plastic. Because of this, these plates are prone to turning brittle due to exposure to the elements or simply because of the ravages of time. Minute cracks that developed because of these reasons may soon become large cracks, causing harm and breaking it down. Replace your license plate bracket as soon as this begins to happen.

License plate bracket lights not working

This is more because of the unstable wire and not because of the license plate bracket itself. Its lighting may start to go out even if the bulb is perfectly stable and normal. This is because your light's wiring may have shorted out, or may have shorted due to contact with the metal frame of the car. You need a test light to troubleshoot the unit. If the test light does not switch on, the problem could be with the wiring of the light.

License plate bracket screws not of the right size

Sometimes, you may fall victim to buying a license plate bracket set that came with a different set of screws. While this may seem to be of no consequence to you at all, consider this: a license plate bracket is plastic, and if you use the screws that weren't designed for it, it may become stressed to the point of breaking. To avoid this, you should look for screws with the right size and make sure they fit your license plate bracket.

Other common issues

Other common bracket issues may be the following: either you don't have the right screws for the bracket, or you may have simply bought the license plate bracket with the wrong size for your vehicle.

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  • On Keeping your Chevrolet S10 License Plate Bracket in Top Condition

    Let's face it: a license plate is a necessity that is mandated by law in most states. Aside from being your personal identification while on the road, most users go the extra mile and use their license plates to show where they live, work, study, or the team that they support. This is why license plate brackets should be able to show your license plate without any hassle. To keep your license plate brackets working for you in top form, here are some tips to follow:

    Install lights above your mount

    License plate brackets are always meant to be placed in the position where there is a ready light supplied for it. This is so that people and other motorists can still see it while on the road at nighttime. Remember to always keep this part lit, or else other people won't see your license plate clearly. If you want, you could use LED lights. These can save you some on your battery life, and it can also be stylish.

    Using nylon bolts and nuts

    People would always want their vehicles to look like an extension of their style and a good way of doing this is to replace or customize parts. In the case of license plate brackets, you can opt to install sturdier aluminum license plate brackets. A good idea would be to use nylon bolts and nuts to secure the bracket in place. Nylon bolts do not come loose due to vibration when driving. They are also safer and easier to remove if you need to.

    Create your own bracket

    If you find that most of the license brackets you view at a store don't suit your taste, you can always opt to make your own. You need a generic license plate bracket to use as a base. Customize as you see fit, putting on embellishments, spraying a different color, or making a unique design, to differentiate your license plate bracket from others. You can also do this to rehabilitate your old license plate brackets and make it fit your car's appearance.

    Customize to your heart's desire

    Customization is a way of taking your old parts and making them look like new once more. In the case of license plate brackets, there are many options you can choose from. Aside from painting them over, you can also opt to have a flip-down license plate bracket that you can hide when you don't need to show it. This is ideal forcustomizers who plan on entering their car into a car show.