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Telltale Signs of a Damaged Chevrolet Truck Window Seal

Apart from making sure that each of your truck's windows roll up and down properly, your Chevrolet Truck window seal also keeps rain and wind noise at bay. However, heat, dirt, and general wear and tear can make your window seal defective over time. Here are some of the signs that your Chevrolet truck window seal needs to be repaired or replaced:

Leaky windows

Moisture inside your truck, a moldy cabin smell, and puddles on your vehicle flooring are telltale signs of a window seal leak, so it would be advisable to check on your window seal if you notice any of these symptoms. A leaky window is commonly caused by a badly fitted window seal. Inspect your window seal for any gaps and see if a portion of the window seal is hanging from its track. Check if the window seal adhesive is still keeping the window seal in place and furnish your window seal with some fresh adhesive if needed.

Cracked or brittle window seal

Exposure to all kinds of weather conditions and temperature changes can make the rubber window seal brittle. A worn-out window seal will have a much harder time trying to keep wind and water out of your truck, so it's best to replace a brittle window seal with a new one. A visual examination can easily tell you if your window seal is due for a replacement. If your window seal is hard to the touch, not as pliable as before, cracked and torn in some areas, and very faded, you are better off installing a new window seal on your vehicle.

Improperly lubricated window seal

If your window seems to stick to your window seal or if you hear a sort of squeaky sound whenever you roll your windows up or down, your window seals have probably dried up. Try greasing up your window seal to restore the smooth operation of your truck's windows. Make sure to use the proper type of lubricant to get the best results. Don't forget to clean the window seal first and verify that no dirt, small rocks, or any type of debris are wedged between the window tracks.

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  • Tips on Keeping Your Chevrolet Truck Window Seal in Great Condition 27 February 2013

    A noisy cabin, leaky windows, and a wet vehicle floor are just some of the disadvantages of a damaged window seal. Although eventual wear and tear of this strip of rubber strip is inevitable, regular maintenance can help make this component last longer. Follow these few simple steps to ensure a long-lasting performance from your Chevrolet Truck window seal:

    Keep your window seals amply oiled up.

    Make sure to lubricate your window seal to avoid damaging both your seal and your window. You will know that your window seal needs to be lubricated when you start hearing squeaking noises whenever you roll your windows up or down. As a preventive measure, try to lubricate your window seal at regular intervals to make sure that it never dries up and becomes brittle. If you live in a place where temperatures are a bit on the extreme side, it would also be a good idea to lubricate your window seal more often to keep it from cracking.

    Use the proper type of product when lubricating your window seal.

    Any type of lubricant that is not damaging to rubber can be used to grease up your window seal, but a silicone-based lubricant would still generate the best outcome. Don't forget to include the window track as well whenever you lubricate your window seal.

    Regularly clean your window seals.

    Over time dirt, dust, car wash soap buildup, and all sorts of debris can get stuck between and around your window seal. To avoid this, make sure that you wipe your window seal on a regular basis. For stubborn dirt and grime that is really caked on your window seal, try using some WD-40 to loosen the dirt prior to cleanup.

    Restore your faded window seal.

    A faded window seal might not be bad for your window, but it is still quite unsightly. Fortunately, you can use some rubber dye to restore the original color of your window seal. Applying a coating or two of rubber dye can make a huge difference to your window seal's appearance.

    Reapply window seal adhesive when necessary.

    If your window seal becomes loose and starts to come off, take some time to apply some fresh adhesive to secure it properly. Remember to completely remove the old adhesive from the window seal and track to make sure that your repair job will last.