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Chevrolet S10 Tonneau Cover

Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet S10 Tonneau Cover Clean and Damage-Free

Your Chevrolet S10 tonneau cover provides protection and additional style to your pickup's design. It shields your tailgate from too much wind, which increases fuel economy as proven by some studies. In addition, the tonneau cover can hide your cargo from unwanted thieves. It can also keep your load organized in the truck bed, while offering protection from different weather conditions and road debris. Furthermore, it adds up to your vehicle's style as it covers your open truck bed. Due to its remarkable functions, your tonneau cover must be maintained at all times. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Check the components of your tonneau cover regularly.

You should inspect your tonneau cover regularly to check for possible damage, looseness, and debris stuck on the rails. Also check the mounting frame of your cover to see if the bolts attached to it are still secured. If not, you should immediately tighten them or have them. It is because a loose mounting frame can be harmful for your tonneau cover. You must also check if your tonneau cover still moves smoothly on the rails. If not, you should reapply lubricant to make sure that will still be convenient for you to open or close your truck bed.

  • Wash your tonneau cover regularly with mild car soap and clean water.

Make use of a mild car soap and a clean water to wash your tonneau cover. Avoid using cleaning agents such as detergents and bleaches that may contain harmful chemicals. It is better to let the clean water flow over your tonneau cover before applying mild car soap, so the particles that may scratch the surface will be washed totally. It's also wise to use a soft cloth instead of rough cleaning pads when cleaning the cover.

  • Choose an appropriate cleaner for your tonneau cover's material.

Most tonneau covers are made from vinyl, so you should use a vinyl cleaner for this. The vinyl cleaner works by protecting vinyl surfaces from heat and possible damage. If you have a soft tonneau cover, make sure that you handle its areas carefully because they can wear out and tear easily. If you have a folding or retractable tonneau cover, you should also regularly open the panels to keep them lubricated.

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  • Two Tips to Remember in Installing Your Chevrolet S10 Tonneau Cover

    No matter how durable your Chevrolet S10 is, it still needs additional protection for its truck bed. Your tonneau cover readily does the job. It provides truck bed with its much-needed protection against different weather and other damaging elements. It provides protection for your cargo as well. With this cover, you can keep your cargo organized and safe from possible thieves. In addition, it propels the wind away from your tailgate. Aside from protection, your Chevrolet S10 tonneau cover also adds up to the look of your ride's exterior.

    If you decide to buy this important truck part or you need to replace the old one, you can actually do the installation process without the help of a pro. Here are some tips to help you get started:

    Tip #1: Don't forget to install the rails and all the necessary components of your tonneau cover.

    You must not forget to attach the rails and all the necessary components like canisters to your truck bed, together with your tonneau cover. These rails are very crucial in the installation process because they guide and support the movement of your tonneau cover. Make sure that the tonneau rails are in proper position before securing them into the mounting hardware. Attach them using clamps that come with your tonneau cover. If there are gaps between your truck bed and your tonneau rails, you can make use of shims. These are used for filling gaps, and are usually made from plastic or rubber. In addition, do not forget to install the weatherstrip seals that serve as shield and spacers.

    Tip #2: Make sure that your tonneau cover is properly supported by the rails upon installation.

    Ask for additional help and assistance when you are about to install your tonneau cover because this car accessory can be heavy. Position your cover at the end of your rails, making sure it fits exactly. Also make sure that your tonneau cover is centered onto the rails. If not, do the necessary changes, such as pushing it down or readjusting the rails, before securing your cover firmly. Carefully move your cover until it comes in contact with your tailgate while checking if the rails support it all the way.