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Chevrolet Silverado Mirror

Common Problems with the Chevrolet Silverado Mirror

The Chevrolet Silverado is one tough truck that's built for heavy-duty use making it the perfect vehicle for driving around rough terrain and getting you around with your daily commute. Unfortunately, even with proper care and maintenance, you'll probably have to deal with problematic parts like your truck's mirrors. Side mirrors are probably the most accident prone components in any vehicle since they extend outwards from your vehicle where they're susceptible to getting hit or damaged. Learn how to troubleshoot your Chevrolet Silverado Mirror so you could back to driving in no time at all.

Mirrors won't retract

Probably the most common problem that you'll encounter with your Chevy Silverado would be power windows that won't retract properly. There are a couple of reasons that could cause this problem: the electrical connector in the mirror is loose or broken, the fuse for the mirrors has burnt out, or the mirror's internal mechanisms has worn out. You may even be unlucky enough to encounter all three at the same time. It's a good thing that you could easily open your mirrors to check for these problems and make the appropriate solutions. A loose connector should simply be plugged into place and your blown fuse could be replaced with a fresh one. Faulty wiring could be tested using a multimeter but if your mirror's internal mechanism is worn out, then you'll have to replace the entire thing instead.

Foggy mirrors

If you opted for power windows that don't have a self heating feature, then they'll probably get foggy every now and then. You can't simply wipe the foggy spot away, you need to place some anti-fog solution to make sure it stays clear all the time. But if you notice that the foggy spot is somehow underneath the surface of the mirror, then you've got water vapor that has gotten stuck inside the mirror itself. Simply use a hair dryer to evaporate the water inside then apply some anti-fog solution to keep your mirrors fog-free. Most car stores have handy wipes that can clean and protect your vehicle's mirrors, so it might be best to buy a pack and store them in your glove compartment for future use as well.

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  • Some Tips on Cleaning Your Chevrolet Silverado Mirror

    You can pretty much do anything with your Chevrolet Silverado, but the key to getting the best performance from your truck is to stick to a strict and regular maintenance schedule. Apart from changing your oil, checking your tires, and other common tasks, you must remember to clean your Chevrolet Silverado mirrors. Blurry mirrors will make it harder for you to turn or switch lanes, especially for a bigger vehicle like your Silverado.

    You shouldn't use just any old rag when it comes to cleaning your Chevrolet Silverado mirror. Make sure that you use a lint-free cloth so that you won't scratch the glass or leave any streaks behind.

    If you don't have any lint-free cloth, then old newspapers are a perfect substitute for cleaning mirrors. Not only will the clean them well, newspapers will leave them extra shiny.

    Water spots are probably the hardest to clean off when it comes to mirrors. Not only are they hard to clean, but they obstruct your view of your vehicle's surroundings. Most water spots are caused by hard water, which contains high levels of minerals and deposits that get left behind on your mirror. You can deal with this by combining vinegar and water then rubbing it with a lint-free cloth until the spot disappears.

    Don't forget to dry your mirrors properly. Leaving the water to dry up or evaporate from your mirrors will surely leave spots behind!

    If you find small scratches on your side mirrors, then it's best to remove them using some whitening toothpaste. Place a small amount on a cotton swab and apply a thin layer on the scratch. Let it dry for five minutes before cleaning off with a damp lint-free cloth and wiping it dry afterwards. Remember that this will only work for light scratches.

    The mirrors on your Chevy Silverado aren't hard to clean, so you don't have any excuse to leave them messy and blurry. You need all the visibility that you can get since you're driving a larger vehicle where a blind spot could easily be caused by dirt on the mirror. Keep your mirrors clean and they're sure to last for a longer time too.