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Chevrolet Spectrum Parts and Chevrolet Spectrum Accessories

Common Problems Encountered by Chevrolet Spectrum Owners

The short-lived Chevrolet Spectrum was first introduced in 1985 and was marketed as a compact vehicle. Although it is not really built and suited for power-hungry drivers, Chevy enthusiasts resorted to this model because of its low price and good gas mileage. When planning to buy this classic vehicle, preparing for a few things and taking note of a few reminders about the auto is definitely a must. Here are just some of the common problems reported by Chevy Spectrum owners and the reasons behind them:

Transmission issues

One of the most common problems encountered by Chevy owners with their vehicles is a transmission defect. Most problems include flimsy transmission housings, which lead to the appearance of cracks and wear in the transmission parts. In majority of the reports, a loose shifter lever was listed as the most frequent defect. Additionally, these problems were also more recurrent with automatic transmissions than manual types. These transmission problems often result to low fuel economy.

Fuel system defects

Another Chevy Spectrum defect involves the car's fuel system. In fact, most of these faulty models were recalled in the late 1980s. It was found out that the Spectrum models were likely to cause fire because of a fuel tank leak. These leaks were a result of weak pipe materials that are not exactly built to resist corrosion-and so a greater risk of catching fire. Furthermore, in some models like the 1986 Chevy Spectrum, the car suddenly chokes out while driving. This defect is more prominent with vehicles that already reached around 130,000 miles. Some models are even unable to start because of clogging fuel filters.

Engine problems

In 1987, Chevy Spectrum models were recalled for a faulty engine cooling system. These models were at greater risk of starting an engine fire because of a defective crankcase valve. Without a fully functional valve, the lack of air flow may result to the water or oil mixture can freeze under cold weather conditions. When this happens, the pressure in the crankcase will rise and may eventually lead to oil leaks, which could then result to a fire.

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