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Chevrolet Speed Sensor

The speed sensor is the auto component tasked to give information of how fast or slow your car is. The speedometer gauge, tachometer, cruise control unit and TCU are the commonly used speed sensors. It is offered in any store including the traditional local stores and the new web based stores. The speed sensor determines the slowness or fastness of the car through the number of revolution produced by the transmission output shaft. The final output is the result of the translation of the mechanical rotation into electronic impulses.

There are several types of speed sensors that you can employ for your vehicle. One of those is a speedometer. Most car speedometers usually have a value rating higher than the actual speed to ensure that the driver or operator will not exceed the legal speed limit which is commonly one of the factors that can cause accidents and collisions. The information it gives may not be as precise as the real speed since there are several affecting factors such as the tire diameter or error in the transmission. Electronic type speedometers work with a computer to change the interval of pulses into a digital display.
Tachometer is one of the commonly used types of speed sensor which is commonly determined the speed of the car through the rate of rotation generated by the crankshaft. The spark rate produced by the ignition system is expressed in rpm units. Such type can be also be used in choosing the best gear and throttle settings that can match diverse types of driving conditions. Its capacity however is dependent upon the speed of the vehicle. Excess speed especially when used at long driving hours can cause defects and damages. A replacement like Chevy speed sensor is one of the best choices that you can have to take its place.