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Chevrolet Suburban Tail Light Assembly

Identifying the Reasons why a Chevrolet Suburban Tail Light Assembly Fails

A broken Chevrolet tail light assembly can be a real hassle. You can be pulled over by the police once you're caught driving without properly functioning lights. The worst part is you can get involved in some serious road accidents. To prevent these, you have to fix your lighting fixture immediately. Repairing the tail lights is not that complicated. You just have to find the damaged or broken part that causes the problem. Here's how you troubleshoot the tail light assembly in your vehicle.

None of the tail lights are working

If all of your tail lights are not working, it is impossible that all of the bulbs burned out at once. You need to check the fuse right away to find out what's going on. A blown out fuse is the primary reason why all the bulbs don't light up. To check the fuse, you need to access your fuse box. In your Suburban there are three fuse boxes: two are found inside the cabin and one located in the engine bay. Since you're working on the tail lights, access the engine-bay fuse box. Find fuse number ten and pull it out of the box. Observe the appearance of the wire sticking at the upper part of the fuse. If the wire is burnt, it means that the fuse is severely damaged, hence it must be replaced.

Only one bulb is not working

If you see that only one bulb in the assembly is not working, you'll think right away that the problem lies in the busted bulb. Yes, that is possible, but you have to realize that there are other possible reasons. To troubleshoot the problem further, check the bulb sockets for corrosion. When the sockets get extremely rusty, electricity won't flow through them. That's the reason why your bulbs are not lighting up.

Faint light beams

Dim or faint light coming from your tail light assembly won't give you enough illumination on the road. If you're experiencing such problem, inspect your tail light lenses. These components are made of plastic or glass tht is prone to oxidation. Inspecting the physical condition of the tail light covers will help you determine their real condition. If the covers appear hazy or cloudy, you must clean or replace them.

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  • Five Care Tips for Your Chevrolet Suburban Tail Light Assembly

    A Chevrolet Suburban tail light assembly is composed of several parts. When you think about this, there's a feeling that maintaining this light fixture entails a lot of effort. However, there's no reason for you to worry. Truth is, maintaining a tail light assembly is very easy. It won't take much of your time and money. Here are some basic care tips that can help you prolong the service life of your tail lights:

    Remove rust from the bulb sockets.

    Scrub the inside of the light sockets using a steel brush and baking soda paste. Rinse off and let them dry completely. To remove any rust residue, soak the socket with vinegar. Allow the vinegar to dissolve corrosion by letting it sit in the sockets for a few hours. After rinsing, apply a liberal amount of WD-40 to stop corrosion from coming back.

    Secure the tail light wire connections.

    Loose wire connections can cause your tail lights to malfunction. That's why it is important to keep them tightly attached to one another. Solder the wire endings together to prevent them from loosening up. Repair the chipping rubber insulation by wrapping the wires with electrical tape.

    Always replace bulbs in pairs.

    Replacing all bulbs at once is highly recommended. Even if only one bulb in the assembly isn't working, you have to change all the others because they will eventually die soon. It is also the best way to ensure that all the lights are shining equally bright.

    Clean the wires.

    Tail light wires can get dirty, too. Dust can initiate corrosion and damage the wires severely. Cleaning the wires is the only way to prevent wire problems. To do this, you just need a clean rag and dielectric grease. Wipe off dust buildup, and then apply dielectric oil. This product helps stop corrosion while enhancing the electrical conductivity of the wires.

    Clear foggy tail light lenses.

    Clouded tail light covers can be treated to restore their original look. You just need to buy plastic or glass cleaner in an auto parts shop. Apply this product on the tail light lens then scrub the surface using a polishing pad. If you're not satisfied with the result, you can use a finer sandpaper. Mix soap with water and spray the solution to the lens surface. Sand it gently until the plastic lens becomes transparent again.