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Chevrolet Tahoe Brake Disc and Pad Kit

Tips on How to Keep Your Chevrolet Tahoe Brake Disc and Pad Kit in Top Condition

Your Chevrolet Tahoe brake disc and pad kit are very essential for your vehicle's braking system. Made from durable materials, these two components allow your vehicle to have a safe stop. These function through the brake fluid, which brings the calliper to press the brake pads against the surface of your brake disc. As a result, they slow down your wheels whenever you decide to stop your vehicle. However, these components are prone to wearing out and being corroded. Thus, you must follow the measures on how they could be kept clean and functioning smoothly. Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Let your brake disc and pad kit cool down to prevent them from fading.

Your brake pads make contact with your brake disc as they function in your suspension system. As they press against each other, they produce and generate a large amount of heat. Moreover, as you keep using your suspension system, the brake rotor has no ample time to cool down. The heat in your pads and rotor start to vaporize in the form of gas, which reduces the friction between the two. This can cause your pads and disc to fade. Thus, you must give time for your brake components to cool down by pulling over. Your disc has internal vents that allow heat to escape, so you must let them regulate the air in your pads and disc to maintain their smooth function and to prevent them from wearing out.

  • Remove any indications of rust before they affect other brake areas.

You must remove rust even it is just surface rust, so you can prevent the other areas from being affected. The rust usually forms when your vehicle gets exposed to water. As a result, your brake rotor will be affected. Although the rust in the rotor can be easily rubbed off from pressing against the pads, you must examine the other areas. The best way to remove rust is to use sandpaper for scrubbing in order to prevent your brakes from wearing out because of corrosion.

  • Maintain the lubrication of your brake disc and pad kit for smooth functioning.

You must keep your disc or rotor and brake pads lubricated for them to keep functioning smoothly. Do not worry because this maintenance procedure does not require you to lubricate them regularly. It is because you need to remove the tires first before you can gain greater access to the brake disc and pads. Just remember to keep track by having a feel of your vehicle while driving, and by inspecting them visually. Use a brake pad grease for lubricating, which can maintain the optimum working condition of the said components.

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  • Troubleshooting the Common Problems with Your Chevrolet Tahoe Brake Disc and Pad Kit

    Your Chevrolet Tahoe is designed with a tough braking system that promotes safe driving. This system is further equipped with components such as your brake disc and pad kit. The heat brought by the brakes allow the hydraulic fluid of your vehicle to flow through the braking system via cylinders, which makes your brake pads function together with the rotor or disc as they press against each other. The friction between them allows your wheels to slow down and come to a stop, while the lining of your brake pad regulates the heat and noise produced by the friction. Because of their essential function and constant use, your brake disc and pads can wear out over time. If you are having problems with your vehicle, especially in your brake pedals, here are the probable and common causes behind those:

    Vibration and noise like a grinding metal

    You must take note of the noise that seems like a grinding metal that your vehicle might produce. In addition, you must feel your brake pedal if it is vibrating. These may be indications that your brake pads and rotor are worn out. The vibration usually means that your brake pads are not able to press against your rotor because of being warped or faded. On the other hand, the grinding metal sound is usually caused by the brake disc making contact with the metal calliper, instead of the brake pads. The conditions of these components usually call for replacement.

    Uncontrolled pulling to one side of the road

    If you are driving and you notice that your vehicle tends to pull to one side of the road even if you stepped on the brake, that can be another indication of worn out brake pads, and possibly misaligned brake disc. If your disc is not fitted perfectly against the middle of the hub, its edges will tend to move uncontrollably from side to side. Moreover, if the pads are worn out, your brake will have less control. The situation also calls for a repair and replacement issue.