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Chevrolet Tahoe Dash Cover

Three Things You Can Do to Keep Your Chevrolet Tahoe Dash Cover in Tiptop Shape

Your Chevrolet Tahoe dash cover offers your vehicle two things: a customized interior appearance and an effective dashboard protection. It's a handy and affordable accessory to keep your SUV's interior looking its best. But did you know that your dash cover also needs a bit of care and attention too? To uphold its quality and looks, you have to do your part in keeping it properly maintained. Check out some of these easy care tips for your Chevrolet Tahoe dash cover:

  • Find out which cleaning supplies are suitable for your dash cover.

Dash covers come in different materials including suede, plastic, velour, and carpet. The products and methods required for cleaning each type of dash cover slightly vary from each other, and it's important for you to know those little differences in order for you to clean your dash cover safely and properly. Whatever the material of your dash cover may be, it's a good rule of thumb to use vacuum, mild soap, and warm water for cleaning it. These are fail-proof methods that most manufacturers recommend. For further information regarding other cleaning products that are best suited for your dash cover, be sure to check out its instruction manual.

  • Prevent filth from setting into its surface.

Never put off cleaning dirt or liquid spills over your dash cover because if you let it sit there for some time, hard-to-remove stains and small particles are sure to form. The key to easier dash cover maintenance is to prevent filth from setting into its surface. You can do this by simply spot cleaning soiled areas using warm water and mild soap. Another easy method is to vacuum off food crumbs and dust.

  • Keep damaging UV rays away.

Just because your dash cover is used for protecting your dashboard against harmful sun rays doesn't mean that it's magically exempted from suffering any of the adverse affects of the UV rays itself. So to prevent it from fading or deteriorating prematurely, make sure you do your part in keeping it protected from the sun as well. Parking your car somewhere shaded is the best way to go. You can also use a windshield sun shade to keep sun rays from coming into your vehicle's interior.

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  • Three Tips to Remember for an Easier Chevrolet Tahoe Dash Cover Installation

    What better way to match your Chevrolet Tahoe's striking looks than to get it a dash cover that will make its interior look outstanding too? But more than just revamping your SUV's cabin, it also provides your vehicle's dashboard valuable protection against dust and UV rays. If your dashboard's surface is already worn out beyond repair, a dash cover can also be used to conceal this damage and make your interior look fresh and new again.

    Installing your Chevrolet Tahoe dash cover is a very easy job. Simply check out some of these tips to make this DIY-task a lot more hassle-free for you:

    Tip #1: Make sure you're working with a clean and sparkling dashboard.

    Before you install your dash cover, make sure that your dashboard is free from dust, grime, and oil. Keep in mind that the adhesive or Velcro used to attach the dash cover in place will not work on a dirty or greasy surface. Make your dashboard squeaky clean by washing it thoroughly with mild soap or wiping it with alcohol.

    Tip #2: Check if all cut-outs and markings are right where they should be.

    A dash cover comes with pre-existing holes that are specifically made according to the design of a particular vehicle. It's important that you verify if all cut-outs are located at the right places to ensure that the airbags, air vents, and sensors are not blocked. If there are no cutouts over these components, you may need to make the holes yourself. Check the underside of the dash cover to see if there are any markings and use these as a guide when cutting out holes. In case the alignment and markings are both incorrect, talk to the manufacturer to verify if the dash cover you have is really suitable for your car.

    Tip #3: Even out the mounting surface for a better fit.

    If you're using your dash cover to hide cracks or dents, then there's a high chance that the surface of your dashboard is uneven. Installing a dash cover over an uneven area will not make your interior look better; it may even scratch the dash cover and cause it to tear apart. Before you stick your dash cover in place, make sure that the mounting surface is free from bumps and jagged edges. You can use a sharp razor blade to remove problem areas.