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Chevrolet Tahoe Window Regulator

How to Diagnose Chevrolet Tahoe Window Regulator

If you are having problems with your Chevrolet Tahoe window regulator, chances are, your windows will either not move or move slowly. Here are the actions you need to take:

Windows are not moving at all

There are three possible reasons why windows don't move: fuse, relay, and switch or wiring. Take note that each part presents a slightly unique problem. A blown fuse will disable all the windows. So if the problem is on a particular side, the fuse is okay. A bad relay will also disable all the windows. So if all the windows are not working, but the fuse is good, check the relay. Remove the relay from its socket and use a short piece of wire to connect the two points in the socket where the relay makes contact. If the windows work, your relay is bad and there's no other way, but to replace it.

Windows move slowly

Since the windows are still moving, the problem is definitely not the relay, switch, or fuse. It could be the window motor or that window the mechanism is dragging. First check the voltage of the power window motor plug located inside the door panel. (Refer to your repair manual for instructions on how to remove the door panel. Or, you can simply locate and remove all the screws to remove the door panel.) If there's not enough voltage, change the motor. If the voltage is okay, check the window mechanism. In most cases, window mechanism needs lubrication.

Window is working on one side

If any of your window is not working, the problem could be bad wiring, bad switch, or bad motor. Check the switches first. Each window has its own switch. The best and easiest way to check one of the switches is bad is by using the good switch and test it to the side that's not working. If it works, then you need to replace the switch. If the switch is good, check the wiring. If the wiring is good, check the motor. Refer to the instructions above (windows move slowly).

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  • How to Keep Your Chevrolet Tahoe Window Regulator Working

    There are parts of the Chevrolet Tahoe that you don't even notice to exist until they stop working. One of them is the window regulator. The truth is, a Chevrolet window regulator is very durable and can last for several years. If you keep your vehicle long enough, you may only have to replace it once or twice, or even not at all. To help extend the life of your window regulator or to make sure that your windows are in a correct working order, here are some maintenance tips you can follow:

    Repair any problem right away.

    Again, the window regulator doesn't break down easily, but if does, do not let it sit for a long time. Fix the problem right away. It's not worth procrastinating. When you detect that something is wrong with your window, remove the door panel of your Tahoe and do a thorough diagnosis. Usually, the problem is as simple as cleaning the regulator. Other problems may be solved by replacing the motor, fuse or relay-or even repairing a disconnected wire.

    Don't let debris get into the door panel.

    Always make sure that debris will not enter your car window as any foreign object can impede the movement of your window regulator. Watch out for your son who is too eager to insert something in your door panel and don't forget to remove the leaves trapped in between the rubber seal strip and the glass door window.

    Clean your window regulator every time you do some repair work with your door.

    Since accessing your window regulator will pretty much require the removal of the door panel cover and another layer of plastic that covers the window and door mechanisms, it takes another project before you can do some cleaning and greasing to your regulator. If you're going to replace the door speakers or repair the door handles, clean the window regulator as well. It may not be an urgent matter, especially if there's nothing wrong with your window, but doing so it will pay off in the long run.