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Chevrolet Tahoe Window Visor

Maintenance Tips for your Chevrolet Tahoe Window Visor

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a superb SUV that can provide you comfort, power, and room for your adventures. Whether you drive solo or not, it is a guarantee that you get to enjoy your drive to wherever. It should be great to have your windows rolled down as you take a cruise along the mountain passes going to your holiday cottage up in the mountains. But the problem in doing that can fail if the sky becomes a little under the weather (pun intended). When cloud and rain sets in, you are left with no room to roll down your windows because you risk wetting your interior. Fortunately, there are accessories like the Chevrolet Tahoe window visor. This allows you to open even just a small space in your window for air to come in without allowing rain drops to set in. If you just want that, then you should get yourself a set and install it. Here are some maintenance tips for the Chevrolet Tahoe window visor to keep it in good condition for a long time.

  • Regularly inspect the mounting areas and adhesives to test the integrity.

The Chevrolet Tahoe window visor is attached along the window frame of your GM SUV. In most cases, the attachments are via adhesive tapes. You would want your window visor to stick perfectly without leaving spaces for water to pass through. Poor attachment can leave your panel and your truck prone to damage. So if you spot mounting issues, it would be best to replace your adhesive tape.

  • Religiously wash your window visor with water.

As the Chevrolet Tahoe accumulates miles, its window visor accumulates dirt. We don't recommend that you let your panel have a large pile up of dust and other particles. To ease your SUV of those nasty layers, you should religiously wash your window visor with water. This loosens up the dirt build-up on the surface. Water can also help you thoroughly clean the panel should you still need a good old scrubbing.

  • Scrub and brush your window

If dirt is still apparent after a quick rinse, you should gently scrub and brush your window visor. It will bring back the luster and smoothness of its surface. Don't forget to rinse it and wipe after.

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  • How to Diagnose the Reason behind Your Chevrolet Tahoe Window Visor Problems

    As long as it’s properly installed and your Chevrolet Tahoe window visor is in good shape, you can drive with your windows partly open and enjoy the cool breeze without worrying about early morning drizzles and road debris that might find their way into your precious car interior. But much like other vehicle components, your window visor may not last the life of your vehicle. There are a lot of things that can damage it, causing it to crack, become loose, and eventually fall off or get irreparable damage. The sun’s rays can also take a toll on the visor’s color and material, causing it to fade and lose its sleek appearance.

    If you feel like there’s something unusual with the way your window visor appears or performs, waste no time and troubleshoot the problem right away. Here are the ways to do that:

    Unusual rattling noise

    Do you hear rattling noise that seems to come from the window visor area and gets even more evident as your Tundra passes over rough road surfaces? That could be caused by a loose window visor. Try to pull over and check on your set of visors, particularly on the mounting area. If you have in-channel visors, it’s possible that the adhesive has already lost its bonding agents, causing the visor to move and rattle as the vehicle runs. The good thing about this type of visor is that its lip is sandwiched by the window channels, so it won’t fall off. However, this isn’t the case with tape-on visor. The moment you notice that it is becoming loose on one end, have it fixed immediately to keep it from falling off as you speed up.

    Window refuses to move up

    In some vehicles fitted with an anti-pinch feature or a sensor on the windows, the window glass may not roll up after window visor installation. When this happens with your front windows, you wouldn’t have to spend time diagnosing it—just allow your windows some time to get used to your newly installed add-on. This problem happens because the sensor sees the visor as an obstacle in the path of the window glass. If it occurs in windows without such feature, then that’s when you should start diagnosing what the culprit is.