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Chevrolet Towing Mirrors

Reasons behind Chevrolet Towing Mirror Problems

Towing a trailer, camper, or other transportation accessories to the back of your vehicle is impossible with ordinary side view mirrors. You see, these side view mirrors are not as large as towing mirrors, so they are unable to reflect the blind spots and may even lead to accidents. In fact, studies show that these blind spots are the main cause of towing-related accidents. If you think the towing mirrors on your Chevy are not as good as they used to be, then better perform some troubleshooting. Here are some common defects and problems encountered with a Chevrolet towing mirror and the reasons behind them.

Loose towing mirrors

Since towing mirrors are larger and are located right beside your side view mirrors, they are more prone to come in contact with trees or lamp posts. So, in case you bumped your towing mirrors against a tree or a post, the mirror parts can get bent too far forward or backward. They will look as if they have popped out of the socket. And if worst comes to worst, you may even find the damaged mirrors movign while driving at highway speed. Luckily, you can easily repair the part with a duct tape. However, this can be a liability to the auto's looks, so if you have the budget, you may replace the damaged part with a new one.

Minor cracks and scratches

Minor cracks and scratches on your towing mirrors should not be that big a deal. But, if you leave those tiny damage unrepaired, they might worsen overtime. Luckily, these minor defects can be easily detected and removed. Once you find a hint of a small scratch, simply rub a small amount of jeweler's rouge or ordinary white toothpaste. It's a good thing that these simple tools are easily found in your home or at the local department store. Just take note to not apply too much pressure when buffing the area because it can weaken the mirror glass.

Cloudy towing mirrors

If your towing mirrors do not have heating capabilities, then there is a possibility that you encounter foggy spots overtime. This case is more prominent during extremely cold weather conditions. Fortunately, these cloudy spots can easily be removed by using a heat gun or a hair dryer.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet Towing Mirrors in Good Shape

    Towing mirrors equipped on your Chevy are not only there for style but also for safety reasons. These new mirrors, in fact, provide you a better view and a wider scope of the road behind you, so you will be able to tow larger loads. You see, ordinary side view mirrors cannot provide this wider range of visibility. If the towing mirrors get damaged, you shouldn't just rely on the side view mirrors. That is why it is important for you to know basic mirror maintenance procedures. Here are some trouble-free tips to keep your Chevrolet towing mirrors in good shape:

    Adjust towing mirrors from time to time.

    Since most towing mirrors are connected to the side view mirrors, they are highly at risk of contact with trees, lamp posts, and several other obstructions. There may come a time when these obstructions hit the mirrors and cause them to move out of their original position. If this happens, you will have to readjust their position, so you will not compromise road visibility, especially when towing larger loads. The towing mirrors should be positioned in such a way that a sliver of the Chevy is seen and a little bit of the entire length of the trailer, as well as the ground next to it is visible.

    Repair minor cracks and scratches.

    Aside from misaligned towing mirrors, contact with trees and other obstructions may also cause cracks and scratches. These damages are quite trivial at first, but they may worsen and may even impair visibility if not addressed immediately. So, at the hint of cracks and scratches, it is best to apply a small amount of jeweler's rouge or ordinary toothpaste on the towing mirrors to help prevent further damage. Remember to be careful when buffing the parts because too much pressure may weaken the glass too.

    Wash the mirrors regularly.

    To avoid dirt and grime build up, wash your towing mirrors regularly. But, make sure that the mirrors are dried thoroughly after, or you may have to deal with stubborn cloudy spots. If you do find some on the mirrors, you may simply use a hair dryer or a heat gun to get rid of the moisture. Other types of towing mirrors provide heating capability in order to make maintenance easier.