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Chevrolet Tracker Soft Top

Maintenance Tips for Chevrolet Tracker Soft Top

A soft top weighs less and is easier to remove and install on the Chevrolet Tracker than a hard top, but it comes at the expense of being more prone to stains and damage. Dirt, mud, and brake dust tend to stick on the surface of fabric soft tops, while rips and tears are a common problem.

Worn and damaged soft tops not only look ugly but also allow the elements in your Chevrolet Tracker, so keeping them well maintained is a must. Luckily, caring for Chevrolet Tracker soft top is not that difficult as it sounds, although it will require some specialized cleaning products. In this guide, we'll share some helpful maintenance tips for the soft top in your SUV:

  • Clean the top based on the material.

Regular washing remains the most effective way to keep the soft top in good condition, but how you will wash it depends largely on the material it is made of. Canvas fabric soft tops, for example, should not be completely soaked in water while soft tops made of vinyl should be sprayed with a special vinyl protectant and scrubbed with a nylon brush. Take note of the instructions provided for the soft top in your SUV and follow them accordingly.

  • Follow up with a protectant or preservative after every wash.

Applying vinyl protectant for vinyl soft tops and rubber preservative on canvas tops further strengthen their ability to resist the elements. The rubber preservative, in particular, helps the canvas repel water more effectively. Make sure to wipe off any excess protectant or preservative to avoid gunk buildup.

  • Steer clear of ammonia- or alcohol-based cleaners.

These cleaners can dry out both canvas and vinyl soft tops, which may result in cracking, fading, and discoloration over time. It's also not recommended to use lemon spray polish on a soft top; while they are effective in moisturizing soft top's surface, the polish will cause the top to have a yellowish tinge after continuous use.

  • Avoid parking under trees.

While trees offer a cheap way to shield the soft top from the sun, they can also be a source of animal droppings and resin that are hard to remove as well as falling branches that may pierce through soft tops with thin fabric. Instead, park your SUV in a garage or roofed parking areas.

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  • Installation Tips for Chevrolet Tracker Soft Top

    A Chevrolet Tracker soft top offers a cheap and simple option to shield the cargo and passenger area of your SUV from the elements, but it is also more vulnerable to wear and damage compared to hardtops. Damaged or worn soft tops should be repaired as soon as possible, but if they have taken too much of a beating, replacing them should be the best option to take.

    Thankfully, soft tops for the Chevrolet Tracker are not that hard to find and are just as easy to install. And if you are planning on installing a soft top on your Tracker, here are some tips you should consider:

    Tip #1: For vinyl soft tops, install the top at 72° F or higher.

    Vinyl is highly sensitive to temperature changes, and conditions below the temperature specified above will cause the vinyl to contract an inch or two and make it more difficult for you to install on your vehicle.

    Tip #2: Make sure that all the necessary parts and hardware are included in the package.

    Most soft top kits include the top panel, rear window panel, quarter window panels for both sides, and the hardware needed to secure the parts together. Refer to the manual that's included in the package and verify if all the parts are there. Also, if the top appears wrinkled out of the box, allow it to sit for one or two days to allow the material to expand.

    Tip #3: When slipping the top over the roof and the sport, don't lock the straps and fasteners at first.

    This would allow you to make adjustments and align the top properly. Keep in mind that an ill-fitting top will not be able to cover the cargo and passenger area of your SUV properly and may even pose a safety hazard.

    Tip #4: Apply water repellent on the inside of the seams.

    The seams of Chevrolet Tracker soft tops are known to allow moisture to seep through, but spraying the interior side seams should fix this.

    Tip #5: Lubricate the zippers with a silicone-based lubricant.

    This will help prevent the zipper from sticking and make it resistant to corrosion.