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Chevrolet Trailblazer Brake Light Switch

Troubleshooting Tips for a Chevrolet Trailblazer Brake Light Switch

An immense and incredible SUV-the Chevrolet Trailblazer could turn into a troublesome road monster if its brake lights are not functioning properly. Brake light problems are commonly caused by blown fuses, busted bulbs, or a defective switch. Due to old age and other damaging factors, these parts are prone to wear out. Here we have some simple troubleshooting techniques to know if the culprit behind your problems is a defective Chevrolet Trailblazer brake light switch:

Dead lights

If your Trailblazer's brake lights are not working, but the fuses and the bulbs are all in good condition, then you can test if the brake light switch is causing the problem. It is located near the brake pedal, and it looks like a small case with a pin. Use a test light to check if the switch is working or not. Press the brake pedal down and try the connections using a test light. If they don't lit up, then you have a defective switch. Replace the switch immediately to restore your brake lights.

Stuck switch

If you've already release the brake pedal but the switch doesn't release as well, then your switch could be stuck. This happens when the switch is already worn-out due to age or corrosion, or it has accumulated dirt that keeps it from moving. When this happens, you can either clean the switch and get rid of the dirt that is causing it to get stuck, or you can also replace it with a new one to ensure that it will work properly on your brake lights.

Corroded switch

Aside from wear and tear, corrosion is one of the usual suspects behind a faulty brake light switch. If you noticed that your switch is already rusty, expect that its efficiency will also be affected. It is usually made up of metallic components and electrical wirings, so you might as well check its corners for rust spots. Do not hesitate to replace a corroded switch because it could lead to worse problems not only with the switch, but with the other components as well.

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  • How to Extend the Service Life of Your Chevrolet Trailblazer Brake Light Switch

    Maintaining your Chevrolet Trailblazer brake light switch is one thing that you should do regularly to ensure that you are driving safely. It has smaller components that you need to inspect for signs of corrosion or premature wear. Follow some of our tips on how to keep your brake light switch from wearing out and corroding:

    Inspect the wires.

    Before you experience the horror of having your brake light switch stuck while you are driving, we recommend that you inspect the assembly regularly for any loose or exposed wires that could cause you bigger problems. Watch out for signs of premature wear such as burns and cracks and replace them as soon as possible. A single faulty wiring could result in dead brake lights, and it is definitely risky to have no lights especially if you are driving at night.

    Clean its contacts.

    The contacts of the brake light switch enable it to work efficiently. They are, however, prone to corrosion and dirt due to their size and location. Hence, you should keep them clean at all times. To do this, you have to uninstall the switch from your vehicle for an easier view of the contacts. You need an electronic parts' cleaner and a steel wool scouring pad to clean the contacts. Just spray a generous amount on each contact and make sure to target the rust spots. Once the dirt and rust are removed, reapply the cleaner and let it dry. You can do this once in a while to ensure that the parts of the brake light switch are all in top condition. This is also a cheaper alternative than replacing your dirty switch.

    Use it properly.

    The brake light switch automatically gets pressed once you step on the brake pedal. When you release it, then the lights will turn off. Do this only when necessary and do not abuse the switch by pressing it repeatedly. Practice your braking skills so that you will not only have a safe drive, but you will also extend your brake light switch's service life.