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Chevrolet V2500 Suburban Tailgate Handle

Solving Chevrolet V2500 Suburban Tailgate Handle Problems

Everything in your car is bound to get damaged except for the tailgate handle, you say? Unfortunately, we are here to tell you that the gods aren't that merciful. Even your Chevrolet V2500 Suburban tailgate handle can cause you problems. Here are three common problems with the handle to somehow help you with them and give you the chance to rub the problems back at those mocking gods.

The handle snapped

There are times when the gods seemed to have granted you super strength, giving you the ability to snap the handle when you pull it. Sudden pulls and tough grips on the tailgate handle can cause it snap; most handles are made of plastic so they aren't very sturdy.

For most car owners, the case of a snapped handle is just a small chip on the side which makes the problem hard to notice. Superglue is the typical solution for snapped handles but that would depend on how big the chip is or how obsessive you are with your car's look.

The handle got loose

There are also times when the gods just decided to have fun and see to it that your Chevrolet V2500 Suburban tailgate handle hang loosely on the assembly. This is a usually experienced by secondhand car owners because a loose handle means that the tailgate handle and cover are incompatible.

The entire tailgate assembly needs to be compatible with your car model and year variation. If a part of the assembly is loose, then you likely got one part wrong. It would be best to check the specs of each part to see which needs to be replaced. But if the entire assembly is loose, then you got nothing right. It is best to have someone else do the fitting for you.

The handle melted

By the time that you pissed the gods off by properly taking care of the handle, the gods just go all out and melt it. The constant exposure to the sun's rays is enough to slowly weaken the plastic handle. A melted handle would feel like oil or tar was smeared on it whenever you touch it. There isn't actually a way to avoid this so you could best ensure that you park the car indoors as much as possible.

  • Easy Ways to Maintain Your Chevrolet V2500 Suburban Tailgate Handle

    It isn't exactly healthy for your DIYer reputation if you're having problems with small parts like the tailgate handle; avoid such problems by maintaining them properly. Here are a few ways to prevent your tailgate handle from damaging your reputation and ego:

    Keep the car shaded as much as possible

    Typically, a Chevrolet V2500 Suburban tailgate handle is made of plastic which is a material that is very prone to melting. You should know that it doesn't need a torch or a flamethrower to melt the handle; the constant exposure to the sun can slowly weaken the material. Following this reason, we advise that you keep your car under the shade or parked indoors as much as possible. This would avoid the prolonged, unnecessary exposure to the heat and allow your car to cool down after a drive on a hot day.

    Don't pull it to roughly

    Other than being prone to melting, plastic handles are can easily be snapped or chipped. You may say that us asking you to mind how you pull the handle is a bit too much, but we say that most problems with the handle is caused by the sudden pulls on the handle. We don't get why most car owners think that they should pull the handle at a complete 90 degree when pulling it at around 45-60 degrees is enough to open the tail. We also don't get why car owners tend to let the handle just snap back after opening.

    We recommend that you just pull the handle just enough to open the tail. Also, we recommend that you slowly let the handle go back to its original position after opening the tail; the sudden snaps of handle are more than enough reasons for the plastic to break.

    Coat it with chrome

    Coating your tailgate handle with chrome gives it a better finish and better durability. There are a lot of kits in the market to help you with the task.

    We tell you that it is better to just coat the handle rather than replacing it entirely with a chrome-plated part. The latter option would mean that you need to take the assembly apart as well as keep the compatibility of the parts in check.