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Chevrolet Window Regulator

Your windows are among the parts quite noticeable in your Chevy. They give a good impression about your car as they slide up and down dramatically, carefully revealing and concealing your Chevy's interior. But more than just look-enhancers, your windows afford you extra protection against dust and other small particles. Also, they shield you from extremely hot rays of the sun, very cold wind or heavy rain as you drive down the road.

Have you ever wondered what makes your Chevy power windows go up and down? It's because of the window regulators. A car window opens and closes as the window regulator converts the window's rotary motion into linear or vertical motion. This device is composed of a motor, worm gear, spur gears, mechanical plate and linkage. The mechanical plate is the one that actually moves the window up and down while the linkage supports the bottom of the power window.

The movement of the mechanical plate is controlled by the gears that spin and lock each other. This self-locking feature of the gears makes it impossible for you to forcibly open and close the power window. The same mechanism in the power windows works in a manual window of older Chevrolet models, only that a motor is used to turn the gears in the power window regulator. In manual windows, you yourself turn the gear with the use of the crank handle.

If something is wrong with your window regulator, your windows won't work so you must replace your window regulator right away if you don't want to suffer consequences of defective power windows. For sure you don't want to put your riding comfort at stake, especially when you're driving during the hottest or coldest days of the year. Busted windows are not only annoying but quite risky, too. You cannot just park your Chevy anywhere because someone might just break into your car and take your belongings.