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Chrysler Alternator

You may think that the battery in your Chrysler produces the power you need to listen to the radio on the long drive to work. In reality, it is the Chrysler alternator that actually does the work while the engine is running, and it also recharges your battery at the same time. The battery is used primarily for starting the car and turning the lights on when you first open the door. If you are using the battery while the engine is running, you had better plan on a short trip, especially if you are using the heater and headlights. The battery simply cannot power the vehicle for very long when the Chrysler alternator has failed, due to the high current drain from all of the accessories in the vehicle, and soon the lights will dim as you slow to a stop. The Chrysler alternator is designed for high current applications and has built in redundancy, in the form of three separate power-producing circuits, but it will eventually fail with the passage of time or due to a slipped belt, a bad battery, or faulty wiring. When you need to find a new Chrysler alternator for your vehicle, make our online catalog your first stop, instead of the dealership. You will find the same aftermarket high-quality Chrysler alternator on our site, and pay noticeably less for it. Our Chrysler alternator also comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer, so you can be sure it will last just as long as the original part did. With our easy and safe online ordering or convenient toll-free telephone ordering, and quick order processing, you can soon rest assured that your battery will be charged every morning, come cold or heat, with your new Chrysler alternator.

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