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Chrysler Control Arm

The Chrysler control arm is a crucial suspension component, helping to keep your vehicle stable and safe on the road. Working in cooperation with other suspension parts, the Chrysler control arm is vital to the safe operation of your vehicle, helping to keep the front end tight and well aligned for stable and agile steering control. The Chrysler control arm helps the suspension system insulate your vehicle from the impact of bumps and road vibration, keeping the vehicle safe from the damage they can cause, as well as providing a smooth and comfortable ride. At each vehicle wheel there is an upper and lower Chrysler control arm, each equipped with a rubber bushing at each pivot point, helping it to cushion against road vibration and preventing damage to the Chrysler control arm as it moves against other suspension parts. These bushings can become worn over time, cracking from the extreme treatment of the elements or wearing away with the motion of the Chrysler control arm. If the bushings are damaged or missing, the Chrysler control arm may begin to make noise as the vehicle travels over bumps and uneven surfaces, and the vehicle may begin to handle poorly as well, especially on corners and curves. If the Chrysler control arm becomes bent from the impact of a large bump or pothole, the handling of the vehicle can become very sloppy, creating a dangerous driving situation. For safe driving and vehicle stability, a damaged Chrysler control arm should be replaced promptly. We carry a selection of Chrysler control arm replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices, and readily available to be ordered using either our secure online ordering system or our toll-free telephone number.