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Chrysler Distributor Cap

The Chrysler distributor cap shelters and protects the distributor and its rotor within the distributor's housing, offering indispensable protection important to the distributor and distributor rotor. Every time you turn your Chrysler engine over, you are sending a huge surge of electric current, which is received by your distributor, then your distributor rotor. The distributor rotor relays this current to your Chrysler distributor cap. The distributor cap works to allocate the powerful electric current to the corresponding spark plug by specifically assigned peripheral terminals positioned within the cap. These terminals make contact with the ignition coil secondary windings in a cyclical manner that allows the spark plugs to fire in the appropriate order. Distributor caps are crucial in the delivery and distribution of power through the ignition system of your vehicle so that your car will turn on when you want it to. Since it deals with electrical voltage and has a very small gap between the cap terminal and rotor, sooner or later, your Chrysler distributor cap will yield to high ignition temperatures and the trembling of your road warrior's battle with the blacktop. This type of exposure to your distributor cap can cause problems, such as a cracked housing, soot residues, and corroded metal terminals, which prevent proper contact for conducting ignition power. All of these can lead to your Chrysler distributor cap malfunctioning or failing. If the time has come to replace your Chrysler distributor cap, you can use of secure site to place your order, with our encryption sure to keep your information safe. However, if it is easier for you to order your Chrysler distributor cap by telephone, you are welcome to use our toll-free number.