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Chrysler Driveshaft

When it comes to mechanical matters, it is the engine that typically garners the most attention, and many vehicle owners would be hard pressed to explain how the power of the engine makes its way to the wheels, a process that the Chrysler driveshaft is an integral part of. The function of the Chrysler driveshaft is to help send the power created by the combustion system of your vehicle's engine to your wheels in a manner that will permit maximum control in steering. The Chrysler driveshaft moves your transmission's torque into the axle assembly permitting the wheels to respond in appropriate rotation given varying speeds, particularly during the course of turning. In addition, it also controls the gear reduction, helping to control the speed of your vehicle and enabling 90- degree directional turns. Since the Chrysler driveshaft transports torque from your transmission, it is exposed to torsion, also known as vibration, and shear stress, which corresponds to the speed at which the vehicle is traveling and the weight of the vehicle. Shear stress may be responsible for bending your Chrysler driveshaft out of shape, literally. If you feel vibrations going through your Chrysler, and you have already balanced the Chrysler driveshaft, then you may need a new Chrysler driveshaft in order to bring your Chrysler drivetrain back up to par. Our online catalog features a broad inventory of Chrysler parts and accessories, and the odds are in your favor that we have your Chrysler driveshaft in stock. Our live help system is available via our website if you need some assistance in choosing your Chrysler driveshaft or if you have questions about that or any other of our numerous parts and accessories for your year and model of Chrysler. You can use our secure online ordering system at any time of the day or night, but if you'd rather order your Chrysler drive shaft parts or replacement by telephone, we also have a toll-free number available.