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Chrysler Fan Blade

The cooling system in your Chrysler keeps the engine running at the proper operating temperature at all times, which helps to avoid the serious and expensive engine damage that could possibly occur if the vehicle severely overheated. An important part of this system is the Chrysler fan blade. When the vehicle is first started, this part will likely remain motionless, until the engine reaches the proper operating temperature. At that point, the clutch, which the Chrysler fan blade is attached to, allows the blade to start spinning. Its unique aerodynamic shape draws air over the radiator, removing heat from the coolant that is inside of the radiator. The coolant is then pumped back into the engine to absorb more heat. If the engine of your vehicle is running hot, you may want to check to ensure that the belt powering the Chrysler fan blade is tight enough and that the blade itself is in good condition. Corrosion can cause the metal of the Chrysler fan blade to thin and eventually break. In addition, if an object inadvertently falls into the path of the fan, the blade may have been damaged from the impact. You will find a replacement for the Chrysler fan blade within the pages of our large online catalog, for a great price, compared to other outlets. It is a perfect match for the original part, so installation will be relatively easy. Our Chrysler fan blade will perform as well as, if not better than, the original. Our web site offers our easy online ordering system to obtain the new Chrysler fan blade, or you may place your order by phone, with a toll-free call at any time.