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Chrysler LHS Car Bra

Chrysler LHS Car Bra: What to Do When Problems Arise

Installing a car bra is one way to protect your Chrysler LHS from scratches and other kinds of damage that can be caused by road debris, road salt, and other things. However, even if it serves to protect your vehicle, it will still cause problems over time especially if it is not taken care of properly. Check out the list below of some of the problems that you may encounter with your car bra:

Hard to remove spots and stains

Although your Chrysler LHS car bra is designed to protect the different parts of your vehicle, it will still get stained due to road debris, bird droppings, and other factors. However, in case the stains and spots are difficult to remove, then you need to use a car shampoo, urethane-safe car wax, and towel to erase the marks completely. Just make sure that you will rinse your car thoroughly before washing the car bra to dislodge dirt and other small debris. Also, don't forget that the towel should be lint-free because other kinds of cloth may abrade the car bra.

Scratched areas

Using an ordinary cloth to polish your car bra is a no-no because doing so may leave scratches on the bra's surface. But if your LHS is already peppered with scratches because you used an abrasive cloth, then you need to use different buffing solutions to remove the marks. You may try using isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber towel if the scratches are shallow enough. Just make sure that you will allow the car bra to dry under the sun for some time to make it smooth again. If this won't work, then you can try heating the scratches for 3-5 seconds using a heat gun.

Dull-looking car bra

Over time, your Chrysler LHS car bra will look dull because of age and exposure to corrosive elements. Once this happens, your vehicle will look unappealing. As a solution, you need to polish the car bra using a polishing solution that can be purchased from auto parts stores. However, be careful when applying the solution because it may leave streaks on the edges of the bra.

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  • Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Chrysler LHS Car Bra in Good Shape

    Installing a car bra is a popular choice among car owners who want to protect and customize their vehicles at the same time. So, if your Chrysler LHS is equipped with this, then you have to make sure that you know how you can take care of it to make it last for a long time. Check out some of the tips listed below so you won't have a hard time protecting your car bra:

    Remove your Chrysler LHS car bra if you're not driving your vehicle.

    One way to make sure that your car bra will last for a long time is by removing it if you're not driving your vehicle. By doing so, you will prevent mildew build up and premature degradation that can be caused by excess moisture. However, make sure that you will store it somewhere safe to avoid causing more damage.

    Take note of the care tips and instructions listed in the manual that came with your car bra.

    No one else knows the best ways on how you can take care of your car bra except its manufacturer. For this reason, read the manual that came with it carefully and take note of the listed maintenance tips and instructions closely.

    Clean the car bra of your vehicle regularly.

    Dirt and other kinds of road debris will accumulate on the surface and underside of your car bra especially if you live in an industrialized community. As a result, the important components of your vehicle will not receive the best protection because the car bra will corrode prematurely. To avoid this, don't forget to clean your LHS' bra regularly. However, make sure that you will not machine wash it because doing so will only cause damage. For best results, wash it with mild soap or car wash detergents that can be bought from car parts stores.

    Inspect the car bra for dirt and mildew buildup regularly.

    If you really want to make your car bra last for a long time, then you'd better inspect it for mildew and dirt build up regularly. Usually, because of moisture and other factors, residues form under the car bra, therefore damaging it. Once this happens, your vehicle will not be protected. In fact, its paintjob will only become damaged. To prevent this, be sure to inspect your car bra regularly.