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Chrysler Pacifica Bumper Cover

Simple Ways to Care for Your Chrysler Pacifica Bumper Cover

The Chrysler Pacifica enjoyed only a brief run in the automotive scene. It was only produced for four years that lasted from 2004 up to 2008. This mid-size SUV might be a little too square for the more adventurous individuals. But we see that it perfectly fits families and groups that enjoy spending time together on the open road. That was what it was capable of during its short-lived stint in the market. Nevertheless, the Chrysler Pacifica bumper cover proved to be an asset. Back in 2007, the crossover SUV got a very favorable rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in its front and side crash tests. That means that engineers back in the American automotive hub were able to devise an effective design to absorb significant impact. They did a good job on that part. Your engine components and even everyone inside the car are much more protected compared in other vehicles. And so, to keep it in good condition for a long time, here are a few ways to care for your bumper cover.

  • Give your bumper some good old washing and scrubbing to make it look its best.

After taking a lot of dirt, mud, and grime while you drive your SUV on the road, the bumper cover would be more than happy to receive a thorough cleaning from you. This takes away the extra baggage of aesthetic disgrace that your vehicle deeply hates. You begin by grabbing a hose and using it to rinse the panel with a steady flow of clean water. This can push and soften the dirt build-up on the surface. After doing that, get your wash mitt and soak it in a mixture of car shampoo and water. Use that to scrub the remaining dirt. The active ingredients on the shampoo make it easier for you to clean and nourish the paint on the bumper cover. When you are done, don't forget to rinse the suds away.

  • Wax and buff after washing the bumper.

After the car wash, you can give it that extra shine and gloss by applying car wax. Spread a thin even layer on the panel then buff away!

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  • What to Do When Installing a Chrysler Pacifica Bumper Cover

    The Chysler Pacifica bumper cover was designed and built up to safety standards. Actually, the ratings it got from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a very good testament to how well the designers created that panel. But despite how well its design is, collisions will inevitably destroy the bumper cover. These are the moments that we wish that we can easily escape. However, there are still probabilities that it can. Imagine one wonderful morning, you are driving out on the open road. It was so peaceful and serene that it felt like nothing wrong is going to happen. You thought wrong. On the clear straight stretch, you missed a road hazard and eventually bumped into it. The obstruction gave your panel a deep gash, cracks and bad dent. You come home to take a more thorough look at the damage. You just have to sigh. The panel is going to have to be replaced. When you reach this point, you have to be prepared. Here are some things that you should do when you have to install a new bumper cover on your Chysler SUV.

    Tip #1: Tag along an assistant for your DIY installation.

    The bumper cover is a wide panel. Moving and mounting it would require you to get help from a friendly neighbor or your favorite car guy in the block. Tag that person along before you begin your entire operation on your crossover SUV. This individual can also offer you advice and opinion on how to go about the installation if you are willing to listen.

    Tip #2: Carefully remove the old bumper cover and inspect the mounts for any damage.

    Ok, now you have to remove the old damaged bumper cover. As you unbolt it from place, be careful and take not if there is any damage that is obstructing the operation. When the front is cleared of the panel, inspect the chassis for dents. You might need to have a body man to work on it before you can install the new bumper.

    Tip #3: Mount and align the new bumper cover.

    Now it's time to mount the new bumper. With the help of your assistant, attach the bumper cover to the front of your SUV and make sure the bolts are tight. Align if needed.