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Chrysler Performance Module And Chip

There are many products available that can boost the performance of your Chrysler, often at a great expense, however, with large amounts of labor involved. With the Chrysler performance chip, on the other hand, you will not need to get dirty, and in many cases, you will not even need any tools to add a significant amount of horsepower to the engine. Simply plug it into the appropriate port on the engine's computer, and you are done. When your vehicle ships from the factory, the computer tunes the engine to run efficiently in any environment and under any conditions. The Chrysler performance chip is designed to squeeze the last bit of performance out of your engine by dumping the conservative engine settings, and replacing them with performance-orientated settings. By making adjustments to the amount of air and fuel in the combustion chambers, the Chrysler performance chip allows the maximum force to be applied to the pistons. When the mixture is ignited by the newly optimized spark timings, more of the fuel is burned. The Chrysler performance chip ensures that that power is smoothly transferred to the wheels by adjusting the shift firmness and shift points in the automatic transmission. It also increases the rev limiter to allow more of the high-end power to be used. With safeguards for the engine and transmission built in, the Chrysler performance chip will not cause any damage to your vehicle, and if you ever want to return it to the stock settings, simply remove the chip. Our online catalog offers the Chrysler performance chip for many vehicles, at a great price, and it can be ordered by phone, toll-free, or through our secure web site.