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Chrysler Performance Pulleys

With all of the products available on the market to increase the amount of power made by the engine of your Chrysler, it can be hard to choose between all of the options. One product that is often overlooked is the Chrysler performance pulley. It does not seem logical that it could offer much to the performance of your engine, but the results can be surprising. All of accessories connected by belt to the crankshaft have the ability to rob power from the wheels of your vehicle for their own use. By replacing the standard pulley on the alternator, water pump, air conditioner, and fan with the appropriate Chrysler performance pulley, you can give some of that power to the wheels. The larger diameter of the Chrysler performance pulley forces the accessory to turn slower and easier, thus allowing the engine to divert the power for other uses. It will not harm the component that it is attached to, because it ensures that the accessory stays within the proper speed tolerances. We have Chrysler performance pulley options for many vehicles and their accessories in our online catalog, at great, low prices. They are always made to the strictest quality standards and will provide dependable service for years to come. For some vehicles, we may also carry an aluminum version of the Chrysler performance pulley, to replace the stock steel part. With a full set installed, a significant weight reduction can be achieved, allowing the engine to make even more power. When you decide to order a Chrysler performance pulley, or a complete set, for your vehicle, it can be done through our secure online ordering system, or by phone, with a quick and easy toll-free call.