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Chrysler Pt Cruiser Axle Assembly

Indicators of a Busted Chrysler Pt Cruiser Axle Assembly

The axle assembly of your Chrysler Pt Cruiser is one of the vital parts of your car's transmission system that you should always be mindful of. Your ability to detect any sign of struggling ones, no matter how evident or not, is very important if you want to keep your car running. Failure to do so and you'll have a stalled car, a cranky mood, and a big hole in your wallet after repairs. The following are some indicators that can help you identify a Pt Cruiser with a bad axle assembly. Most of these should be noticeable while you drive and are verifiable with a few simple steps.

Grease leaks

A rubber boot at each end of the axle assembly encases a joint that acts as the main connector between the drive wheels and transmission. Inside it is also lots of grease which provides ample lubrication to all the moving parts. It's possible that the rubber boot gets ripped and torn thus exposing its delicate contents to harmful elements. Look for grease puddles in your garage under the engine compartment or on the inner face of the front wheels. If you see any of these, quickly check the boot and replace it if it's torn.

Clicking sounds

While you drive, you may notice feint clicking sounds every time you turn the wheel. If unattended, this gets louder and louder. This is also another sign of a bad axle assembly. To test the problem, bring the car to a wide and open space. Fully turn the wheel and drive in reverse. This stresses the joints for the test. Listen for constant clicks for verification.

Clunking noise

Clunking noise coupled with some hesitation in movement is another sign of a busted assembly. You can test this by driving in reverse to stress the car and observing its behavior. What you should notice is something like the following sequence: transmission changes gears, car struggles to speed up, finished by the odd noise.

Excessive vibration

Riding the Pt Cruiser should feel smooth and comfortable. If your experience is filled with knocks and vibrations, this is caused by an axle assembly with loose joints. The shake is the engine power transferred to the car's body instead of to the wheels. Try to constantly accelerate and slow down as you drive forward to test the problem.

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  • How to Take Care of a Chrysler Pt Cruiser Axle Assembly 27 February 2013

    The axle assembly of a Chrysler Pt Cruiser is one component of the car that undergoes a considerable amount of stress and abuse. Its job is to act as a connector between the drive wheels and the transmission. This isn't as simple as it sounds because the axle must be very durable to survive the erratic movement of the wheels going over bumps and rough roads. To ensure that the one installed under your Cruiser is in good condition, the following are a few suggestions on how you can take care of an axle assembly. These may be very tedious to do, but it goes a long way in sparing you the cost of replacing a broken one.

    Remove the axle for general cleaning.

    The axle needs cleaning because it's situated under the car and is exposed to different forms of dirt from the road. Add to this the oil and other liquids leaking out from the other parts in the engine compartment. Remove the axle from the car, and clean these off to ensure it performs efficiently. The difficult step is in disassembling the join to access the internal mechanisms full of muck and grime. It requires lots of effort and patience, but doing this usually takes care of common problems associated with a bad axle assembly.

    Refill the assembly with enough grease.

    Axles and joints work well if it's adequately greased and lubricated. Without it, there'll be too much metal-to-metal contact that can easily damage everything. Assuming you just cleaned the old muck off of it, it's necessary you replace it with new one for it to work well. Use grease that's specially designed to be put on the axle assembly of a Chrysler.

    Inspect the old rubber boot.

    Check the rubber boot every time you get an oil change. This covering of the main axle joint supports the delicate part it protects. Unfortunately, the exposed placement of the assembly can result to tears and punctures on this rubber and can cause tons of problems. For maintenance, better that you simply replace the boot-which is cheaper and easier to do-instead of going for an all-out replacement of the axle.