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Chrysler PT Cruiser Dash Cover

Simple Ways to Make Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Dash Cover Last Longer

Your Chrysler PT Cruiser dash cover is an affordable accessory that's designed to protect your dashboard from the adverse effects of dirt, dust, and UV rays. Aside from providing reliable protection, it's also an easy way to jazz up your Chrysler's interior.

Dash covers go through careful durability tests before they get released in the market. So whether your dash cover is made from carpet, plastic, suede, or velour, you can be rest assured that it's durable. However, all that heat emanating from the sun is bound to take a toll on the dash cover's appearance and quality over time. No matter how tough it's designed to be, this add-on will wear out prematurely if you don't give it the proper maintenance that it deserves. To help your Chrysler PT Cruiser dash cover last longer, check out these easy tips:

  • Clean your dash cover regularly using the proper cleaning materials.

The best way to keep your dash cover looking like new is to clean it on a regular basis. This keeps dust and dirt from building up and prevents stain from becoming hard to remove. You can simply clean off dust and small debris on your dash cover using a vacuum. If you need to remove stains, wash them off with warm water.

Keep in mind that the right cleaning tools and methods also depend on the material that your dash cover is made of. Make sure that you read the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer to find out the dos and don'ts when cleaning your dash cover.

  • Protect it from harmful UV rays.

Parking your Chrysler under the scorching sun leaves your dash cover exposed to the damaging UV rays that causes premature fading or discoloration. Not only does this damage the quality of your dash cover, but it also makes your whole interior look unsightly. To prevent this from happening, try to park your car under shaded areas as much as possible. You should also consider getting a good sun shade to keep the UV rays out in situations when you have no choice but to park your car out in the open.

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  • Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Dash Cover

    The Chrysler PT Cruiser dash cover is a great way to save your dashboard from premature damage while allowing you to add a personal touch to your interior's appearance. It gives you both style and protection without putting a big dent on your wallet. Another thing that's cool about this accessory is that it's very easy to install; it will only take you a few minutes to finish even without professional help.

    Whether you're hiding unsightly cracks over your dashboard or you're keeping it from getting damaged prematurely, check out these tips to make your dash cover installation a lot easier:

    Tip #1: Prepare the surface of your dashboard first.

    Clean the surface of your dashboard first to ensure that your dash cover will adhere perfectly well onto it. Wipe off dust and grime using a soft lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol. If you think that a little rubbing won't get the job done, wash your dashboard with an ammonia-based cleaner instead. Be careful of the chemicals that you'll use, read the instructions at the back of its packaging to make sure that it can be used for the material that your dashboard is made of.

    Tip #2: Pre-fit your covers before installation.

    Ensure that your cover fits your dashboard perfectly by test fitting it beforehand. Check if the vent, sensor, and airbag cutouts are properly aligned and the glove box can still be opened without any obstruction. Make adjustments if necessary, but remember to work carefully to avoid damaging your entire dash cover. It's also a good idea to let the sun warm the cover for a few hours while it's placed over your dashboard. This allows the cover to relax over the dashboard's contours, making it easier to install.

    Tip #3: Apply adhesive sparingly.

    If your dash cover is the type that's attached using a silicone adhesive, bear in mind that there is a proper way of applying the silicone on the cover. Resist the urge to slather it all over the surface just to make sure that it sticks on securely—this will only create air pockets. Instead, put small beads of adhesive on the edges of your dash cover. Wait for a few minutes to make the glue tacky before placing it over the dashboard.