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Chrysler Pt Cruiser Fender

Root Causes of Chrysler Pt Cruiser Fender Problems

For the small fenders of a Chrysler Pt Cruiser, this piece of the car's body is always frequented by various problems. The scary thing is that these defects are only symptoms of deeper and more serious issues. No matter how much work you do on what you see, you aren't actually doing anything to stop them from recurring. The main reason why these happen isn't resolved yet. The following is a summary of the root causes behind common fender problems:

Gaps and spaces on the fenders' edge

Fenders properly installed on the Chrysler should produce a body that has a solid, seamless, and one-piece look. There shouldn't be any wide gaps between these and the other parts of the car. If there are huge spaces, pushing and forcing the fenders to close can only do so much. Check the bumpers, hood, light assemblies, and other components if these are distorted. Their mounting mechanisms may be bad as well which may be the reason behind the gaps.

Rust spots on the fenders' surface

Rust and corrosion is a big eyesore that you should take care at once. If you already removed and repainted affected areas but the problem still persists, it's possible that there is still a source of rust on a different area of the car that you should attack. This could be on another body part, in the inner panels, and under the chassis. Driving too close to other cars or over bad roads can cause small rocks and pebbles to hit, chip, and scratch the fenders' paint job. These are also ideal sources for rust.

Rough patches on the fender

A perfectly painted car is generally smooth to touch. If what you have is a lumpy or rough body work, that's usually the result of a sloppy paint job that skipped over vital preparation procedures. No amount of buffing will get rid of this. Take the car to a shop to redo the color.

Fender with faded paint

Paint naturally loses its original glow if it's overexposed to sunlight. Unfortunately for the fenders, these are directly hit by the sun making them very susceptible to fading. Park your car under a shade or put a car cover so that repainting won't be necessary.

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  • Keeping the Good Looks of a Chrysler Pt Cruiser Fender

    Taking care of the Chrysler Pt Cruiser's fenders is just like taking care of the rest of its body work. You must do your best to prevent excessive damage from the usual suspects: accidental bumps, rust buildup, and chipping paint. Failing to do this can badly affect the beautiful finish of your car. Follow these simple recommendations for you to keep the good looks of your Pt Cruiser's fenders:

    Repair small fender benders.

    It's annoying to have a ride that's been a victim of fender benders. A quick and easy repair you can do for this is to push the dented surface from the inside to pop it out back to normal. If it won't budge, try to heat the metal and make it more workable by pointing a hair dryer to it. It isn't always a perfect job, but it's still better than the alternative of having an ugly fender bender.

    Patch minor paint chips.

    Paint gives color and personality to a car. It also provides a layer of protection against various stains from the environment. An aging fender has a tendency to create small cracks and chips on the paint job which can seriously damage the metal body if you leave this unattended. What you can do to prevent this from happening is to retouch the affected area with small dabs of color to restore its clean look and guard against contaminants. For big jobs, it's better to leave these to expert painters.

    Prevent rust buildup.

    Rust is a major concern for fenders. Simply put, these look very ugly! If the area you live in is very humid or your streets use lots of road salt during winter, the more you should be worried. Put layers of rustproofing spray all over the car, on the wheel wells, and on the underside to give it all-around protection. If there's already a small buildup, make sure you completely remove and work on all affected areas to avoid back jobs.

    Wash, wax, and cover the car.

    Never forget to give your car a good wash with soap and water. For an extra shine, wax and buff the surface. Park the car under the shade, inside the garage, or put a car cover on top of it to guard it against sunlight, dirt, and other things that can damage the fenders.