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Chrysler Pt Cruiser Seat Belt

Identifying Common Problems of Chrysler PT Cruiser Seat Belts

Because they are a key safety feature, the seat belts of the Chrylser PT Cruiser are designed to be reliable and fool-proof. But there are occasions where they do fail. Chrysler PT Cruiser seat belt problems vary, with some requiring a trip to the dealership while others just need quick fix with a screwdriver. In this guide, we'll discuss some of the common problems of PT Cruiser seat belts and how to troubleshoot them.

Stuck seat belts

Probably the most common problem PT Cruiser owners encounter with their seat belts is the belt getting stuck and unable to retract. This is usually due to the belt becoming tangled, twisted or jammed deep with the belt's auto-retract mechanism. This problem is normally remedied by removing the plastic covers with a screwdriver or needle-nose pries and untangling the belt by hand, although more serious jams may require the skill of a mechanic.


There have also been incidents wherein Chrysler PT Cruiser seat belts unlatch unintentionally. Unlatching usually occurs during high-impact collisions, although it can also occur due to false latching, wherein the seat belt appears to have clicked into place but the release is actually partially engaged or not engaged at all. Tugging on the seatbelt a couple of times after it clicks can help prevent false latching, although constant latching problems must be looked over at the dealership to determine the cause of the problem.

Torn webbing

The seat belts used in the PT Cruiser and other motor vehicles on the road today are made from either polyester or nylon webbing that can withstand a lot of abuse. In fact, under normal conditions the webbing should be able to survive a collision in one piece. This is why if there are tears in the webbing, it's an indication that the seat belt is defective and needs to be replaced. Make sure to check each belt in your PT Cruiser for tears and other types of damage, as even the smallest tear will compromise seat belt integrity and lead to you or the other passengers of your car to be ejected from the vehicle in the event of a crash.

  • Safety and Maintenance Guide for Chrysler PT Cruiser Seat Belt

    The seat belts of the Chrysler PT Cruiser are among its most utilized safety features, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they do also succumb to wear. While Chrysler PT Cruiser seatbelts are made to withstand a lot of abuse - even during a crash - they will start to show signs of wear unless they are installed, used and maintained properly. And caring for the seat belts is not that difficult, as all you need to do is to follow these quick and simple safety and maintenance tips:

    Clean the seat belts regularly.

    Ideally, the seat belts of the PT Cruiser should be cleaned every time the car is washed. Cleaning the belts by hand using soap and water will do the trick, although you can also use a pressure washer set to a low fan setting (500-800) mixed with cleaner and/or degreaser to wash the seatbelts more effectively. Make sure that the cleaner you use does not contain strong chemicals such as chlorine as these can damage the belt material.

    Check for proper tension.

    Seatbelts must tight enough to restrain you but loose enough to allow you to move freely. The seat belts in the PT Cruiser can adjust automatically, but if you feel that the seat belts are tighter or have more slack than normal, have the mechanic check the tension to see if it still meets regulatory safety standards.

    Look for frays and tears on the webbing and replace them.

    The webbing of the seat belt is specifically designed to survive even a serious collision, so any fraying or tearing indicates that the belt is already worn too much and need replacing. Even minor damage to the seat belts webbing severely degrades its strength, which in turn might lead to belt breaking apart in the event of a crash.


    Have the baby capsule restraints installed by a professional.

    If you are planning on having a baby capsule placed on the PT Cruiser's passenger seat, we strongly recommend having them installed by a professional. Fitting the baby capsule's seat belt attachments require special skills and must be done at a licensed baby capsule fitting station. An improperly fitted capsule can place your baby in great harm, so don't take any chances by attaching the baby capsule yourself.