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Chrysler Pt Cruiser Tail Light Assembly

Common Issues with the Chrysler PT Cruiser Tail Light Assembly and How to Diagnose Them

The Chrysler PT Cruiser tail light assembly includes the tail, stop, reverse, and turn-signal lights-all of which allow you to communicate with other drivers behind you. This is why it's so important to pay attention to this component once you see these signs of failure:

One tail light stops working

When one tail light doesn't work, the first thing you should do is to check if the bulb in the affected tail light is burned out. You can access it behind the trim in the trunk of your vehicle, or, if your tail light assembly is an aftermarket product, then you can remove the lens cover to get to the bulb. Once you have the bulb removed, examine the inside if one of its filaments is broken. If you find one, replace that bulb with a new one.

Both tail lights stop working at once

If both of your tail lights fail at once, then a blown fuse is the most likely problem. Check your owner's manual to see the location of the fuse box as well as the position of the tail light fuse. Once you found the box and the fuse, look at the thin metal strip inside and see if it is broken. If it is blown, simply replace it with a new one. Know what kind of fuse your tail light assembly has (refer to your owner's manual for this) before going out to buy one.

Tail light assembly fuse keeps blowing

If your fuse blows the moment you turn on the tail lights, then there might be a problem with the bulb or the wiring harness. Check the tail light bulb if it's the right type for your tail light assembly or if it has short-circuited internally. Wrong bulbs can draw too much power from the battery, causing the tail light fuse to blow. If your vehicle has a trailer wiring harness, disconnect it and check if it has short-circuited as well. If none of these is the problem, check all the wiring connections in your car as any of them could have caused the fuse to blow up.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Tail Light Assembly in Top Shape

    The Chrysler PT Cruiser tail light assembly is responsible for letting you communicate with other drivers behind you. However, because this component is at your car's rear end, they are prone to getting damaged by outside elements. To prevent this from happening or to restore your tail lights' new condition, follow these tips:

    Clean the tail light assembly thoroughly.

    Every time you wash your car, thoroughly clean your tail light assembly as well. Aside from cleaning it with the soap and water you washed your vehicle with, spray lens cleaner on a rag and wipe the component with it. Do not spray on too much lens cleaner to avoid moistening up the tail light assembly.

    Glue up the crack on the tail light assembly lens.

    If the lens of your tail light assembly has a crack, you can make it disappear through a simple, three-step procedure. First, carefully remove the lens from its housing using the right screwdriver. If it is glued to the housing, do not force it off. Instead, "bake" the housing in a pre-heated oven for 15 to 20 minutes to soften the glue. Then, carefully take out the lens using a flat-edge screwdriver and remove any string of glue attached to it. Once removed from the housing, sand the lens and apply a fine line of plastic glue along the crack, and then hold them together for a minute to let the glue settle. Use the same glue to stick the repaired lens back to its housing.

    Sand the tail light assembly lens.

    If you want to restore your tail light assembly lenses' natural polish, then you have to sand it and apply some polish. Before doing the procedure, cover the surrounding area with several layers of painter's masking tape in order to protect your car's paint. Then, wipe down the tail light to remove dust and dirt from the lens. Use 500-, 800-, and 1,000-grit sandpaper and apply it in a horizontal direction. Keep on sanding the lens until the entire thing gives off a frosted appearance. Then, apply a bottle of lens polish.