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Chrysler Pt Cruiser Tail Lights

Helpful Tips to Fix Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Tail Lights

You always need to check your Chrysler PT Cruiser tail lights to make sure that your vehicle is seen by other cars behind you as you drive at night. Keep in mind that these lights usually experience problems, so it's best that you know how to deal with their common issues. Here are some useful tips to help you troubleshoot your tail lights:

Scratched lenses

It's inevitable to have scratches on your tail lights, especially if you're the type who isn't too careful. You can have multiple light scratches on the lenses of your tail lights, but you can also have deep scratches that can be quite difficult to fix. Wet sanding your tail lights to smoothen the surface of the scratched areas should easily solve your problem. However, doing this won't help you fix your deeply scratched tail lights. Buying a replacement part is the best solution if you can't stand driving around with obvious scratches on your car's rear-end lights.

Malfunctioning lights

During the lifetime of your PT Cruiser, you may experience unlit tail lights as you drive at night. Although this is a very common problem, some drivers still have difficulties diagnosing it. To help you, just remember to check the unlit assembly for a busted or loose bulb if you see only one working tail light as this is usually the case. Replacing or tightening the bulb should make it work again. But if both your tail lights have stopped working, you should make sure that your wirings are all good and your fuse isn't blown out because your tail lights won't really work if either of your fuse or wirings is damaged. Replacing the fuse or fixing the wirings will solve this problem.

Broken and leaking seals

The only time you will know that the seal on your tail light is broken is when you begin to wonder why there are water droplets forming on the lens inside. This is called condensation, and this happens when there is water buildup inside your tail light. The main culprit behind this is the broken seal that is supposed to block water from entering and, possibly, from building up inside and damaging the socket and wires. To stop this problem, you need to remove the assembly and dry it. You also need to make sure that the sockets and wirings have been dried before installing back the assembly. This time, don't forget to apply silicone sealant along the edges of the broken seal. Remember, you can have this problem on just one tail light.

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  • Simple and Effective Ways to Clean Your Chrysler PT Cruiser Tail Lights

    The tail lights on your PT Cruiser can lose its shine as your car ages. They can get oxidized and scratched, which make them dull and unattractive. So if you want your Chrysler PT Cruiser tail lights to look new, follow these simple maintenance tips:

    Wash with warm soapy water.

    You need to mix mild dishwashing soap with warm water and use this mixture to wash your tail lights. With the use of a sponge, rub the entire surface of your lights to remove all traces of dirt and grime. Make sure, however, that the water you will be using is warm enough so that any buildup on the lenses will be softened for easy removal.

    Clean with regular white toothpaste.

    You can use the toothpaste at home to remove stains and oxidation on your tail lights. But make sure that the toothpaste you will be using is the regular white one because flavored, gel, or whitening toothpastes can be too abrasive or harmful for the coating of your tail lights. And when you're using toothpaste, you just need to spread it on the surface and rub it in circular motion until the lenses begin to clear up and shine. You may, however, need to repeat the process if you're not satisfied with the results.

    Polish to shine the lenses.

    You should polish your tail lights to make them look shiny and new. Just make sure that the polishing compound that you have is still safe to be used on your tail lights. If you feel it isn't as effective as it should be, you can just get a good-quality polishing compound from auto supply stores. But make sure to read the instructions at the back and follow them to avoid problems.

    Sand the surface to remove scratches.

    You have to sand the lenses of your tail lights to remove the light scratches on the surface. You can use 600-, 1000-, and 1500-grit sandpapers. But before you do this, soak the sandpapers in water to make them less abrasive. You should also prepare a bottle spray filled with soapy water for wet sanding. However, you should remember to sand in a side-to-side motion only.