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Chrysler Sebring Trunk Strut

Some Common Concerns with the Chrysler Sebring Trunk Strut

Chrysler designed the Sebring's trunk strut to be tough and reliable. It's responsible for holding the trunk door open, while you're loading or unloading groceries, luggage, and anything that can fit in the trunk. Since a Sebring's trunk strut is a gas-type strut, it's prone to wear-and-tear-just like most car parts. If you think that your car's trunk strut is not supporting the trunk well, it's time to check the strut, and do some troubleshooting. Below are some of the most common trunk strut concerns encountered by Sebring owners, and the factors behind them:

Sliding noise

While driving your Chrysler Sebring, you hear sliding noises when making turns while driving. The noise seems to come from your car's trunk, and you can also hear the noise when you go over a speed bump. You check the trunk but your tools and the spare tire are all secure-the sliding noise might be due to a broken trunk strut. It could be loose securing nuts that are causing the noise. Open your trunk, and check if the struts are secure. You can use a socket wrench set to tighten the nuts. Also, if the struts feel loose, they might have lost their compression. If that is the case, then the entire assembly needs to be replaced.

A heavy trunk

If you feel that your car's trunk is heavier than usual or it's giving you resistance when opening it, it could be due to a tight latch on the trunk strut. Adjusting the latch bolts will reduce the resistance when lifting the Chrysler Sebring's trunk. When adjusting these bolts, make sure to slowly open and close the trunk lid to measure the right amount of resistance. Also, do not move the strut's latch when tightening the bolts. If the fix doesn't work, you might have to replace the trunk strut assembly.

Trunk lid not rising all the way

Another common concern for some trunk struts is when the lid doesn't rise all the way. If you cannot raise the trunk all the way, the struts may be worn out. You can try to push the trunk lid all the way to see if it will rise. Replacing the worn out trunk struts is fairly easy because it's usually secured by a bolt or a pin-type ball socket.

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  • How to Keep Your Chrysler Sebring Trunk Strut in Excellent Condition

    Designed to hold your Chrysler Sebring's trunk up, trunk struts or lift-support struts make it easier for you to access your car's trunk to load or unload luggage, groceries, and even the spare tire when your car is running flat. These gas-charged, mineral oil-filled struts are also prone to wear-and-tear over time, and their seals crack, losing its oil and gas pressure. To ensure that your car's trunk strut is in top condition, follow these simple maintenance tips:

    • Keep the trunk struts clean
    • Small particles of dirt can adversely affect the trunk struts' performance. These struts are designed with a multiple-lip seal riding on a long, chromed damper rod. Dirt particles can contaminate the mineral oil in the struts, shortening its service life. Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe any dirt or nicks from the strut's polished surface.
    • Avoid sticky substances
    • Since substances like ketchup, dog drool, silicon-based cleaning materials, wax, and any kind of adhesive tape can give the trunk strut a sticky surface, make sure that the strut's polished surface is free from them. Any wax, oil, or silicone-based substance will only leave a stick surface which attracts dust or grit.
    • Never paint the strut
    • Painting your car and customizing your car is an excellent idea. It gives it a more personal look and feel. However, applying paint on the car's trunk strut is a definite no-no. Paint will damage the strut's polished surface, and it will contaminate its lubricant.
    • Protect the strut from scratches and chips
    • When cleaning the trunk struts, never use any form of abrasive material or substance. Some household cleaners and materials are rough enough to scratch the strut's surface. Similarly, binder clamps, hooks or anything with a rough surface can cause mini-scratches on the strut. These scratches can affect the strut's multiple-lip seal, rendering it useless. Always use soft cloths and mild household cleaners.
    • If it's gassed-out, replace
    • Never attempt to refill or re-gas a trunk strut by yourself. It's far better to just replace the entire trunk strut assembly to avoid any forms of accident. Re-pressurizing old gas struts can only be done by trained professionals, and it's usually only done on a case-to-case basis.