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Chrysler Spark Plug Wire

The ignition system of your vehicle is critical to its function, providing one of the three key ingredients to the combustion process. With the assistance of the Chrysler spark plug wires, the ignition system provides the spark that is necessary to ignite the other two crucial ingredients to combustion, fuel and air. The high voltage that is needed by the engine is sent from the coil to the distributor through an insulated high voltage connection. The distributor then passes the voltage along through the ignition system with the help of the distributor rotor, which is mounted on the center shaft of the distributor where it spins past a series of contacts, one for each cylinder of the engine. The rotor transmits the power from the coil to the contacts as it aligns with each one in turn. After the burst of high voltage is transferred to the contacts, the Chrysler spark plug wires perform their step in this process, transmitting the high voltage to the spark plug placed at each engine cylinder, enabling the spark plug to ignite the fuel and air mixture to begin the process of engine combustion. Manufactured with highly insulated protective jacket, resistant to moisture and the chemicals present in vehicle fluids, Chrysler spark plug wires efficiently transmit the high voltage spark to keep the engine performing at its best. The heat of the engine and the high voltage that they transmit will degrade the Chrysler spark plug wires over time, requiring periodic replacement to keep the ignition system at its most efficient. We carry a selection of quality replacements for your Chrysler spark plug wires, all at very affordable prices. Our secure site will make ordering your Chrysler spark plug wires safe and easy or our toll-free phone line is just as efficient.