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Chrysler Thermostat

The Chrysler thermostat is a small but important component in the cooling system of your vehicle, helping to bring the engine to an optimal temperature for the safest and most efficient engine performance. The engine runs at its most efficient when warm, allowing the oil to thin and flow freely, lubricating vital parts to prevent friction between them as they move through the cycles that create engine power. When the engine is started for the first run of the day, the oil is thick and cold, hard for the oil pump to bring up from the oil pan to properly circulate through the engine for safe and efficient lubrication of its delicate parts. This is hard on the engine parts, creating friction and stress. The Chrysler thermostat blocks the flow of engine coolant, keeping it from circulating through the engine, allowing the engine to heat more quickly to reach a temperature that gives efficient engine performance. Once the engine has warmed to an acceptable temperature and has begun to run smoothly, the Chrysler thermostat will open to allow the coolant to begin its cycle of engine cooling, preventing engine overheating. The Chrysler thermostat is a simple heat sensitive mechanism that works to regulate the flow of coolant quite efficiently. While the Chrysler thermostat is reliable and long lasting, it can become stuck or clogged after many miles of operation, especially if there is corrosion present in the cooling system. We carry a selection of quality Chrysler thermostat replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our site is secure for safe and easy ordering or our toll-free phone line can take your Chrysler thermostat order efficiently as well.