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Driving in the midst of city traffic can be a real headache, and dangerous, too. That's why you should have a reliable mirror that won't deceive your vision while you're doing that critical swerve. Get a CIPA Mirror, the ultra reliable mirror for vehicles.

CIPA Mirrors last a lifetime because they are made of tough plastic. You won't ever see them dangling like a jellyfish at the side of your vehicle. Though after market products, CIPA Mirrors fit into your vehicles well because they are designed to be exact matches of your original mirrors. CIPA Mirrors have been tried and tested to be of high quality. For almost 20 years now, CIPA has also been providing mirrors for tournament ski boat manufacturers.

CIPA also has customizable mirrors. We have mirrors that sense ambient light and automatically dims to reduce the glare you get when you drive at night. We have mirrors that have compasses, temperature sensors, map lights, and an ice warning system that flashes when the temperature drops below freezing. We also have the CIPA Optic Custom Sport Mirror, the CIPA Optic LED signal mirror, the CIPA Optic Glow Mirror, as well as our ever reliable CIPA Truck Mirror, among others.

So you see, with CIPA, you actually have a marketful of mirrors to choose from, whatever kind of vehicle you have.

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  • Choosing the Right CIPA Product, For the Right Job

    Made of tough plastics and precicely constructed, the CIPA Mirror will last a lifetime

    No tools needed to install the CIPA Mirror they just slip right on

    Manufactured to fit exactly, the CIPA Mirror is guaranteed to not damage your existing mirror

    Perfect for towing, CIPA Mirrors are your low-cost insurance policy against dings and dents when hauling

    The manufacturer of the CIPA mirror is CIPA-USA. This company was, until 1985, a subsidiary of CIPA-France, an industry leader for more than 65 years, one that has been an innovative leader in the design of rearview mirrors. They have served many leading companies in the European automobile market, including Volkswagon, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes, and BMW. CIPA-USA is now a privately held U.S. company. It is located in Port Huron, Michigan. It manufactures currently in France, Asia, and the United States. In the United States market, the CIPA mirror can be found on vehicles made by Ford and Chrysler, and also on motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercrafts, and RV's. CIPA-USA has a long-standing reputation for high quality products, and excellent customer service. Starting in 1987, CIPA-USA has manufactured a line of the CIPA mirror for tournament ski boat manufacturers. CIPA-USA now has become the exclusive provider of mirrors to all tournament ski-boats manufactured in the United States. Since CIPA-USA began manufacturing the CIPA mirror for the marine industry, they have designed and produced many innovative mirrors increase rearview safety in family recreational vehicles, and personal watercraft. Since 1992, CIPA-USA has been the only manufacturer of aftermarket mirrors for personal watercraft. They are the only company in the world carrying a full line for all types of watercraft. CIPA-USA continues to be innovative. They have introduced many new products this year, and have made new additions to many existing lines of the CIPA mirror as well. They have plans for new products to come, especially in the Towing line of the CIPA mirror.

    CIPA towing mirrors, manufactured by CIPA-USA are well-designed, versatile towing mirrors, available for a wide range of vehicles, and in a wide range of styles and sizes. You are certain to find one that meets your needs for safety and convenience in towing. For example, the CIPA Towing Mirror line has OEM designed and manufactured extendable mirrors, that replace your existing mirror, so that you do not need to take off the towing mirror when not in use, just slide it in. They extend 4.25 inches, to broaden your range of vision, and make towing safer. This mirror is available in electric and heated models, so you lose none of the features of the original equipment for your vehicle. They are sleek and stylish, much less awkward than the traditional bulky towing mirror. They have a large 10 by 10mirror head, providing excellent visibility, and the unique fold in design allows for tight squeezes. Another style available in the CIPA Towing Mirror line is the slide on towing mirror. These mirrors slide over your existing mirror for better vision and added safety in trailer towing. They are mirrors of excellent quality, constructed of thick plastic that is very durable and corrosion resistant. They are made to be as aerodynamic as your original mirror, and will not produce vibration or wind noise. They increase your rear viewing range by 56%, require no tools for installation, and will not scratch you mirrors. Whichever CIPA Towing Mirror you choose, you can be assured of superior performance and quality, as has been the long-standing reputation of the CIPA Towing Mirror line of products.

    CIPA-USA manufactures a variety of custom mirrors, from passenger vehicles, to trailer towing; there is a Custom CIPA Mirror to suit your needs. In their passenger vehicle Custom CIPA Mirror line, there are a variety of convenient features. There is a mirror that senses ambient light, and glare from behind the vehicle, and automatically dims to reduce the annoying glare one gets with night driving. Some passenger vehicle mirrors have such features as a compass, temperature sensor, and map lights. Some are equipped with an ice warning that flashes when the temperature drops below freezing. Another item in the Custom CIPA Mirror line is the CIPA Optic Custom Sport mirror. This mirror comes in three styles. There are the CIPA Optic Glow mirrors, which are manual sport mirrors, that feature green or blue LEDs in three places around the mirror stem that light up to produce a glowing effect. These mirrors are vehicle specific, and come in paintable black. They can be wired with turn signals or running lights. For a more classic luxury style, there is the CIPA Optic LED signal mirror. This mirror features forward facing amber signals for style and safety. They are available in black finish and carbon fiber. There is a Custom CIPA Mirror line for towing safety. One product in their towing mirror line is the Slide On Custom Towing Mirror. This mirror needs no tools for installation, it just snaps on to your existing mirror. They are fully adjustable, and will neither obstruct nor scratch your original mirror. They are sleekly styled and aerodynamic, and greatly increase your range of vision for towing safety. Regardless of the style you choose, good quality is assured when you choose a Custom CIPA Mirror.