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Mirror by CIPA

If you own a big, powerful vehicle, chances are you either already have a towing trailer or other behind-the-vehicle luxury item, or you are planning to get one. Whether you are interested in camping, racing, or just adding on some extra tow room, you are going to need to see what you're pulling behind you to stay safe on the road. Before you tow another trailer, pick up a set of towing mirrors like the CIPA 10800 mirror.

Your vehicle's stock mirrors may be oversized, but they are likely not designed for towing. If you are unable to see all the way around your boat, camper, horse trailer, or fifth wheeler, you are taking a chance on an accident every time you change lanes or turn. The 10800 mirror is the perfect solution to your towing visibility problems.

m in place and you're good to go/

The aerodynamic CIPA 10800 mirror keeps wind whistle and vibration to a minimum, or even eliminates it entirely. These great accessories include shims and a tightening knob, so you are guaranteed a good fit for your vehicle's make and model. Tough, durable, and made to last, the 10800 mirror is a must-have for anyone with a towing vehicle.

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CIPA Mirror Articles

  • CIPA Series: Auto dash

    CIPA Mirror

    Night driving is hard enough with all those bright headlights coming at you, and on top of that you have the glare from your rear view mirror to worry about. Of course, engaging the toggle switch to night driving mode does help, but if you happen to move around while you're driving, the glare becomes visible again in the top or the bottom of the mirror. You can eliminate rear view mirror glare with the CIPA auto-dimming mirror.

    Using advanced technology, the rear view auto-dimming mirror senses glare and ambient light that is reflected in the surface, and automatically darkens whenever light hits it. This means no more fumbling for the toggle switch and re-adjusting your mirror every few miles to align with your position. You will not have to worry about dealing with glare with a CIPA auto-dimming mirror.

    In addition to this great feature, the rear view auto-dimming mirror from CIPA is available with a whole lot of extras. You can get a self-calibrating eight point electronic compass display for easy travel directions, and a digital temperature indicator that displays your choice of outside or inside temperature. Some models include a warning that flashes "ICE" when outside temperatures drop below 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The CIPA auto-dimming mirror is also available with optional switch controlled map lights for driver and passenger. It can be installed easily on most vehicles, and includes a standard windshield mount. End night driving frustrations with an auto-dimming mirror from CIPA, and get more from your mirror/

  • CIPA Series: Extreme

    CIPA Mirror

    Your automotive mirrors are essential to your safety while you are driving, though you may not often think about them unless there is a problem with one of them. Auto mirrors are actually a popular customization item, and many drivers choose to install specialty mirrors that help to improve visibility and offer features above and beyond stock mirrors. The CIPA Extreme mirror is a good example of this.

    An ordinary mirror shows you what is happening behind your vehicle within a limited viewing range. The Extreme mirror shows you more. It is a convex mirror with three different lenses: a stationary lens, and two adjustable lenses. This allows you to see much more of the area behind your vehicle, as well as keep an eye on anything that may be happening in your back seat.

    Extended visibility with the CIPA Extreme mirror is an excellent benefit for any vehicle. The quick mount, anti-scratch bracket features a universal mount, so it can be installed with ease on nearly any make or model. The Extreme mirror is oversized at 6 inches by 20 inches, allowing you to exceed rear view mirror requirements for exceptional safety.

    Better auto mirrors equate to a better driving experience. Installing a CIPA Extreme mirror in your vehicle is like giving yourself an extra set of eyes while you are driving. If your current auto mirrors are broken or missing, you should not delay in replacing them, so why not get the best with the Extreme mirror from CIPA?

  • CIPA Series: Side View

    If you have ever had to replace your side view mirrors, you know that it can be quite a hassle, and quite an expense. Unfortunately, side view mirrors are quite vulnerable to potential damage, since they extend from the sides of your vehicle. If you need new mirrors, or you want to protect yours before something happens to them, you may want to try a set of CIPA side view mirrors.

    Replacement side view mirrors from CIPA are made tough and durable with chrome-plated ABS and automotive-grade black ABS. Unlike metal mirrors, they will not rust or corrode. If you are worried about matching your vehicle, you can rest assured that there is a CIPA side view mirror that perfectly matches your original stock equipment for seamless integration.

    Price is always a consideration with replacement auto parts, and these replacement side view mirrors will ensure that you are getting the best possible deal, since they average 54 percent less than dealership prices. You don't have to pay top dollar for high quality components when you pick up a set of CIPA side view mirrors for your vehicle.

    These side view mirrors are easy and painless to install, with no drilling or special tools. They include all mounting hardware, and you can simply pop out your old mirrors and mount the new ones, and you are ready to roll. Whether you need manual, electric, or heated glass mirrors, there is a replacement CIPA side view mirror available for your vehicle's make and model.

  • CIPA Series: Towing

    Whether you tow a trailer every day for your business or you just need to pull a camper every once in a while, there's a CIPA Towing Mirror that's right for you. They have nine models to choose from, so they're sure to have the right mirror to provide you with maximum visibility, no matter what your needs.

    CIPA began making rearview mirrors 80 years ago and has been of the chief contributors to the development of rearview mirror technology and design. Their aftermarket mirrors are second to none, and every year they sell more of almost every kind of auto mirror than anyone else in the business.

    The CIPA Universal Towing Mirror is one of their most popular towing mirrors. It will fit virtually any car or truck and is designed to look cool while providing maximum functionality. This mirror can be installed on virtually any sideview mirror in minutes, and no tools are required/ Durable fabric straps provide a secure fit on your existing mirror, and it is aerodynamically designed to minimize vibration.

    There are three clip-on towing mirrors to choose from. The Dual-View Clip-On has a large mirror for vision straight back, and a smaller convex mirror to give you a better look in your blind spots. Their Adjustable Clip-On is designed for large and uniquely-shaped mirrors, and the simple Clip-On fits more standard mirrors. Other models available include, the Slide-Out Towing Mirror, the Deluxe Door-Mount, the Fender-Mount, and the Camper-Mount. Their ultra-cool Fast Hitch gives you a clear view of your hitch alignment.

  • CIPA Series: Turn Signal

    A CIPA Turn Signal Mirror gives you an added degree of safety by making it easier for everyone else on the road to see when you're ready to make a turn. The easier it is to see your turn signal, the easier it is to make lane changes and all your turns more safely. CIPA's Optic LED Mirrors and Lighted EuroSport Mirrors are a stylish option for almost any car or truck. They also make replacements for many OEM turn signal mirrors.

    CIPA has been making rearview mirrors for 80 years, and they've contributed more to the development of rearview mirror technology and design than almost anyone else. Every year they create and sell the most auto mirrors in almost every category imaginable. No one makes a better aftermarket mirror.

    The Optic LED Mirror has a turn signal built right into the mirror housing to give everyone an even better indication of when you plan to turn. It's sleek and stylish black looks will enhance any vehicle's appearance. The Lighted EuroSport Mirrors also have a built-in turn signal with a choice of bulbs in four different colors.

    To improve safety in turning situations choose a CIPA Turn Signal Mirror. You won't go wrong with their factory replacements, and if you choose one of their custom models, you'll add to your vehicle's looks as well as its safety.