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Rear View Mirror by CIPA

This has probably happened to you before. You're driving on the highway, getting ready to change lanes, and just as you start to edge over the blare of a horn sounds and another vehicle seems to appear out of nowhere. You could have sworn there was nothing there/ This is the result of blind spots, which you will experience no matter how carefully you check your stock auto mirrors. For improved safety on the road, consider installing a panoramic CIPA rear view mirror.

Your rear view mirror is perhaps the most essential mirror you have, or at the very least, the one you rely on the most to see what is happening behind you. This is because it is the most versatile mirror, with the greatest degree of adjustability. It makes sense that when considering a custom mirror to add versatility to your driving, you would replace your rear view mirror. The panoramic CIPA rear view mirror gives you maximum rear visibility.

The panoramic rear view mirror from CIPA is available in 12 inch and 18 inch lengths. This ensures that you can see more of the road behind and to the sides of your vehicle, so whether you are backing out of driveways and parking spaces or changing lanes, there will be no surprises. Your blind spots are greatly diminished for the best possible coverage.

The panoramic CIPA rear view mirror is a cinch to install. You do not have to remove your existing rear view mirror, as it comes with spring clips that allow you to install it right on top of your stock mirror. You will be driving with increased safety in mere minutes.

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