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Inside your cooling system


A Few moments spent reading this will help you understand your cooling system problems.

by Bill Carberry

1. RADIATOR: Cools off the anti-freeze/coolantmixture by allowing air passing through the tube/fin area to dissipate the heat generatedby the engine.

2. WATER PUMP: Draws the cooled anti-freezefrom the radiator and pumps it through the engine block, cylinder head(s), heater core andback to the radiator.

3. FREEZE PLUGS: Is actually a steel plugdesigned to seal holes in the engine block and cylinder head(s) created from the castingprocess. In freezing weather they may push out if there is not enough anti-freezeprotection.

4. HEAD GASKET /TIMING COVER GASKET: Sealsthe major parts of the engine. Prevents oil, anti-freeze and cylinder pressure from mixingtogether.

5. HEATER CORE: Provides heat to theinterior of the car by using heat removed from the antifreeze and blown in by the blowermotor. May cause steam, odor or actual dripping inside the car when it leaks.

6. THERMOSTat : Controls the minimumoperating temperature of the engine. The thermostat is closed when the engine is cold inorder to speed warm-up and opens when normal operating temperature is reached to allow theanti-freeze / coolant to pass through the radiator.

7. HOSES (Radiator, Heater, By-pass):Connect the other main components of the cooling system. Hose manufacturers recommendreplacing every 4 years regardless of appearance because there may be deterioration of theinside of the hose which cannot be seen.

8. FAN CLUTCH: Senses the temperature of theair coming through the radiator and either slips or binds up to pull the required amountof air through the radiator.

9. ELECTRIC COOLING FAN: Most front wheeldrive cars use this because of the transverse mounted engine. It is turned on by a systemof sensors and relays when the engine reaches about 230 F and stays on until R is cooledto about 200 F.

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