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Cohline develops and manufactures outstanding tube and hose line systems for the automotive market.

Cohline is the leader in automotive fluid handling technologies.

From fuel systems to brake systems and ABS, Cohline has an extensive range of high quality automotive parts and components.

Cohline applies efficient quality assurance techniques to ensure the quality of its products.

Is that fuel on your driveway? Oh no, you've got fuel leaking from your diesel engine. It's got to be a broken diesel inj. line. You have to fix that quickly, unless you want your car wasting loads of fuel. Use the Cohline Diesel Inj. Line. Pop the hood and you'll spot the problem. Chances are, you'll find fuel dripping from one of the lines leading to your engine. Considering the distances you travel to and from work, or sending and picking up your kids at school, you're probably losing lots of fuel along the way. And that's going to hurt your budget. Better replace those broken lines with the Cohline Diesel Inj. Line immediately. Fuel prices are rising, and it won't help to have a broken fuel line throwing away all your fuel. Besides, can't you feel your engine running sluggishly? A broken fuel line will pull down the performance of your diesel engine. It will hesitate upon acceleration, and you won't be able to drive that fast. The harder you press on the gas pedal, the more fuel that spurts out of the broken fuel line. The more time you delay, the more fuel you waste. Get one now!