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Like your body, your car's engine needs rest because continuous combustion from everyday and long-distance driving might cause it to burn out. To keep that from happening, you must get your car a cold air intake system if it doesn't have one yet. This will keep the temperature of your engine down by allowing more oxygen into it, thereby maximizing combustion and making the burning of fuel become more efficient. It will in save you on gas, boost your horsepower, and stretch the life of your internal-combustion engine.
Thus, the cold air intake system can well take the place of your restrictive airbox and stock air paper filter, both of which squander horsepower. It has metal or plastic tubes that lead to a special air filter called short ram air intake. The increase in airflow is made possible by the big diameters of these tubes and their smooth interiors which reduce air resistance.
Air intakes come in many different styles and are constructed from different materials. Some are made of only one type of material (either one of plastic, metal, rubber or silicone), while others are made of composite materials (fiberglass, carbon filer or kevlar combined). The type of material used, however, does not affect the process because of the very brief contact of the material and air during tubing.

Cold Air Intake Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Cold Air Intake

    Give your engine a break/ Install a cold air intake and boost your engine power while keeping it cool at the same time.
    Did you know that an engine works better in cold weathers than warm ones? That's because low temperatures mean the engine gets cold air, which is denser and is packed with more oxygen molecules. With more oxygen in the cylinders, your engine burns fuel more efficiently, giving more power and better fuel economy. But you don't have to wait till winter just so you could experience a superb vehicle performance. Simply use a cold air intake in your car, and you can get cold air for your engine the whole year round.
    Installing a cold air intake system in your car is one of the easiest ways to improve its performance. Cold air intake systems are fairly easy to install and most are made for particular makes and models, so fit won't be a problem. Once installed, this system increases cold air flow into your engine, which simultaneously cools the engine parts and provides oxygen for the air/fuel mixture necessary for combustion. This way, your engine can achieve the ideal fuel/air ratio and thus leads to better fuel burning and lesser toxic emissions. And because your engine maximizes every single drop of fuel that it burns, you save up on gas expenses and increase mileage, too.
    So do you want to boost engine power? Try using a cold air intake. Rain or shine, winter or summer, you're out to get superb vehicle performance.

  • Cold Air Intake: Just the Facts

    Cold, dense air is something that can improve how your vehicle's engine works. And to constantly feed your vehicle's engine with this kind of air, your vehicle needs a premium cold air intake. This device ensures that your vehicle's engine gets an increased, steady supply of cooler air from outside the engine bay. This air (usually oxygen), when mixed with fuel, helps create a more easily-combustible mixture. This helps the engine burn the fuel more efficiently, resulting in increased horsepower and torque for your vehicle. Today, cold air intakes come in various colors and sizes; there are even intakes with paintable surface for customization purposes. So if you want the added benefits this device can bring, click through our catalogs at Auto Parts Deal. For high-quality parts within your budget, our store is just right for you. Here, we prove that not all quality parts are expensive!

    • Ensures entry of cooler air to your vehicle's engine compartment

    • Boosts engine performance and increases horsepower and mileage

    • Can be customized to match the look of your vehicle's engine bay

  • Cold Air Intake: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    If you think your car is too slow to keep up with others on the road, then it may need a little modification. Ask any performance freak out there about easy and affordable modifications available in the market, and most of them will probably tell you the same thing - a cold air intake (CAI). It's an easy do-it-yourself project.All you need is a CAI tube kit plus a cold air intake filter. To really appreciate a CAI, you have to know how it works. As its name suggests, a CAI feeds cold air into your engine. This lets your engine burn more fuel and thus produce more horsepower.The system, however, needs a free-flowing filter because of the huge amount of air needed. Stock filters, made of paper, won't cut it. What you need is a cold air intake filter made of cotton. It'll let the CAI suck in more air to boost engine horsepower.You'll find plenty of these here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • Our cold air intake filters let your engine suck in more air at a faster rate.

    • We offer you only filters that are completely washable.

    • Our cold air intake filters fit all engine types.