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Corner Light

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Cornering during night time isn't supposed to be hard, especially if you have a quality cornering light to help you out.
Do you know anything at all about your car's cornering lights? Don't be kept in the dark/ Understanding this nifty little part is as easy as counting from one to three. Simply put, these are complementary lights that provide better illumination, especially when making a turn. Let us tell you how.
Corner lights are complementary lights installed on both sides of the car, right beside each headlight. They're "wrapped" around the corners of the car. The headlights, installed at the front, only illuminate the part of the road directly in front of the car. This isn't good, especially when cornering, since the headlights can't fully illuminate every part of the road. But with each cornering light, the parts that the headlights can't reach are also illuminated, so you get a wider view of the road. This part eliminates blind spots, too/ So it can't be denied that corner lights ensure a safer trip for you, your passengers, and surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.
Given what this vehicle light does for your safety, it thus comes without saying that using a defective set of cornering lights is big no-no. You put your car, others' cars, your passengers, and pedestrians in danger. So better take out that defective cornering light right away/ With lights like these, you won't be left groping and squinting in the dark.

Corner Light Articles

  • The Automobile Basics: Corner Light

    Safety is one of the most important considerations to remember each time they take their car out for a spin. Cautious driving is one way of ensuring their safety. But aside from that, there are also some devices that can help them remain on the safe side of the road. Among these devices is the Corner Light. This is just one of the types of light included in a car's lighting assembly. As the name implies, it is installed on the front corners of a vehicle, specifically beside the headlights and on the side of the fender. This light's function is to provide a warning to other vehicles when the driver intends to turn in a certain corner or street. Aside from giving warning, corner lights also helps make the vehicle more visible especially at night. Other people know this lighting component by another name which is the side marker light. Corner lights are manufactured using high-quality materials. However, they are also doomed to fail after a period of time. A damaged and defective Corner Light needs to be replaced straightaway. Car owners can find a replacement easily since a lot of local and online auto parts shops already offer a wide array of corner lights. The Corner Light is just easy to install. Car owners who are also Do-It-Yourself mechanics can easily do so.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Corner Light

    Sure, headlights and taillights enhance visibility during nighttime driving and heavy precipitation. But to further boost vehicle safety during poor visibility conditions, your vehicle must be visible from both sides, too. You see, drivers of elevated vehicles such as buses and trucks may hardly see small vehicles before them. Hence, for your vehicle to be recognized easily, installing a set of cornering lights is definitely a good decision. Cornering lights are designed to be 'wrapped' around the corners of your vehicle and thus make your presence on the road visible. And because they promote road safety, buying them is definitely never a waste of money. Auto Parts Deal is the right place where you can get topnotch cornering lights at an incredibly affordable price.

    • Wrapped around the vehicle's corners, cornering lights provide further illumination for better road visibility.

    • Cornering lights also function more than just as safety components; these lights can also enhance your vehicle's customized look.

    • You can also opt to install your vehicle with LED cornering lights. LED lights emit a brighter beam when activated. .