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With high-technology and cutting-edge engineering, it safe to say that Corsa has earned the monicker as the "silencer" in exhaust systems technology. The tuned exhausts reduce irritating in-cabin, booming drones without altering exhaust flow. Perfect for coffee conversations while cruising down the freeway with that Corsa Chevrolet Performance of yours.

By eliminating restrictive packing materials and replacing them with baffles, Corsa Mufflers are able to generate more power with minimum hum. Most of all, it does not interfere with exhaust gas flow. In fact, it improves your exhaust flow as much as 55% over the stock ones. Corsa's silence reducing features without limiting the power in automobiles is a favorite among truck and car drivers. The Corsa Mufflers replace packing materials with baffle and allow tone adjustment on the fly. Though on the outside your car's growling like a tiger, the Corsa Mufflers tranquilizes the rowdiness and stimulates itself with a cool, humming sound without the disturbance you would ever need.

Same power, no deafness. Wonder why? It has the same basic factors in having a high-performance exhaust system coupled with scientific ingenuity to push its limits towards more efficient exhaust gas flow.

Along with power and ingenuity is convenience. You don't have to weld a Corsa Exhaust System. Just bolt in using the pre-bundled hangers and fasteners, and you're on your way back on the road. Corsa Exhaust Systems have caused a really big hype with its avant-garde, noise-reducing feature. Will you still keep mum or start buzzing about it already?

Corsa Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Corsa Exhaust

    Prominent in the automotive aftermarket, Corsa Performance specializes in high-performance stainless steel Corsa exhaust and Corsa muffler systems that incorporate the use of hydroforming, or bulge forming, equipment in the manufacturing process. Bulgeforming uses extreme fluid pressure to expand metal into shapes that otherwise would have been unobtainable using conventional manufacturing methods. It is a revolutionary, leading-edge manufacturing process. The only manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket to have in-house hydroforming capabilities is Corsa. Hydroforming provides increased strength, greater part dimensional precision, and reduces over-all vehicle weight. Hydroforming affords manufacturing cost savings by reducing tool and equipment requirements. It provides less blanking, trimming, flanging, fixtures, and complicated welding and piercing operations - meaning that Corsa exhaust have fewer defects. Hydroforming also results in less scrap and provides parts consolidation benefits. A good example of what hydroforming accomplishes is the new generation C5 Corvette steel frame rails.
    In its new line of Corsa performance automotive mufflers, Corsa employs a reactive sound cancellation technology. Many manufacturers experimented with electronic noise cancellation for automobiles in the past. Now Corsa mufflers have achieved Reflective Sound-Cancellation (RSC) - a non-electrical noise control system without the complication of incorporating the use of electronics or speakers. In essence, the reflection in passages inside the muffler of sound or pressure waves from the engine cancels out unwanted sound waves. A "tuned" muffler that "cleans up" the noise without eliminating the pure sound of power associated with a high-performance vehicle is the result of this process. To eliminate passenger cabin resonance and to produce just the "right" sound, Corsa's stainless steel Power-Pulse lines of mufflers are tuned to each specific vehicle. The Power-Pulse Corsa exhaust system provides an unrestricted exhaust flow for maximum power output. To deliver the throaty exhaust tones that define your performance Corvette on the open road, the exclusive, patented Corsa Power-Pulse RSC muffler design delivers. The quiet ride that you may have dreamed about waits inside/
    Within the Corsa muffler case, the reflections of sound waves occur. This produces a cancellation wave effect - with no flow restriction and without any electronic devices/ Corsa used space age noise-suppression and aeronautical technology to make this effect.
    A design feature of the Corsa Power-Pulse RSC muffler is a pipe running straight through the muffler that incorporates a full 360-degree air gap that allows sound pressure waves to escape. The channeled waves return to the gap 180 degrees out of phase, canceling specific sound frequencies. All that remains is the crisp, clean sound of the V-8 engine performance thanks to the Corsa exhaust system.

  • Choosing the Right Corsa Product, For the Right Job

    Corsa exhaust systems are the only exhausts specifically tuned to reduce annoying in-cabin resonances

    Impress bystanders without destroying your hearing: Corsa exhaust products sound great on the outside while remaining quiet on the inside

    By using noise-canceling technology, Corsa mufflers reduce unwanted volume without restricting exhaust flow

    By eliminating restrictive packing materials and replacing them with baffles, Corsa mufflers can produce more power with less noise

    Every car enthusiast loves a high-performance exhaust system, but even the most dedicated of us sometimes get tired of the booming drone that enters the passenger compartment when using a typical system. Corsa exhaust products do away with that resonance that makes some high-performance systems so hard to live with on a daily basis. A Corsa exhaust utilizes a wave baffle system to cancel out annoying resonances without interfering with exhaust gas flow. The result is that a Corsa exhaust makes as much if not more power than competing systems do, but they don't make you deaf on a long drive! Every Corsa exhaust also contains the basic ingredients needed for any long-life exhaust system: Things like mandrel-bent tubing, stainless steel tips, and high flow engineering are featured on every Corsa exhaust, regardless of application. And speaking of applications, there's a Corsa exhaust made for most popular domestic vehicles, including cars and trucks. Finally, Corsa exhaust brings you a high performance system that will impress you with its power and great sound from the tailpipes, yet impress your wife or girlfriend with its lack of intrusive cabin noise. And a performance exhaust that also impresses our significant others, well, that's priceless. Check out Corsa exhaust systems and see if there's one available for you.

    By combining leading edge technology with quality construction, Corsa performance exhaust systems have rapidly become one of the leading names in the automotive aftermarket. How much leading edge technology can be in an exhaust system, you ask? Quite a bit, according to Corsa performance. Starting with the pipes themselves, Corsa performance introduces hydroforming into the tube bending and shaping process, which is an advance over mandrel bending, the previous top technology. Not only can Corsa performance exhausts be made with smoother bends for better gas flow, but they can also be produced in shapes that aren't possible with conventional tube production methods. If a flare or a bulge can help exhaust flow, Corsa performance can put a flare or a bulge in the tubeothers can't. Stainless steel is used in all high-risk areas of a Corsa performance exhaust, like in the muffler system, then the entire system is engineered for ease of installation. In most cases, welding isn't necessary to install a Corsa performance exhaust, saving you time and money. Finally, you get 50-state legality on most Corsa performance exhaust products too, so you don't have to worry about passing inspection. All you have to worry about is putting your foot to the floor and hanging on with the smooth, free-flowing power of a Corsa performance exhaust.

    You're probably familiar with noise canceling technology; it's the concept of using a sound wave equal but opposite to the noise wave to cancel the noise out. It's also the concept used in Corsa mufflers to produce huge horsepower without huge, police-attracting sonic booms from the back of your ride. Corsa mufflers employ a unique chambered exhaust duct that reflects incoming sound pulses back on themselves, effectively canceling them out and quieting your exhaust. But since fiberglass batting and restrictive bends aren't what keeps Corsa mufflers quiet, you get the full gas flow needed to reduce backpressure and keep power and torque production high. Corsa mufflers wrap that cool technology in a package that incorporates stainless steel for long life and resistance to corrosion, which is essential if you don't want to replace your muffler againever! And you won't, not with the limited lifetime warranty that comes standard on Corsa mufflers. They're also 50-state legal in most cases, and no welding is required for installation: Corsa mufflers simply bolt on in or near the stock locations. If you aren't interested in killer exhaust flow and big power gains, along with the great Corsa mufflers sound, you can just head on up to your local exhaust chain. But if you want the best possible mufflers for your vehicle, Corsa mufflers are built to last.