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Corteco is a global leader in sealing and vibration control products for the automotive market.

Corteco offers over 18,000 products and service kits to the independent aftermarket industry.

The company's extensive portfolio range from radial shaft seals to cabin air filters.

Corteco provides garages and drivers worldwide with spare parts in original quality.

There's probably nothing more humiliating than having your pants fall down in public. If there's any lesson to be learned from such a terrible experience, it's to wear a belt to hold your pants up. In a way, it's the same with your car. You have to keep the drive belts under the hood tight. If you have worn-out alt. mount bushings, replace them quickly with the Corteco Alt. Mount Bushing. You see, your alternator is bolted to your engine. If the bushings on this bolt wear out, your alternator may move about causing the drive belt to come loose. Your alternator would then stop supplying electricity to your battery causing it to lose charge. The end result is a whole lot of electrical problems from a failing battery. Keep these important parts in place with the Corteco Alt. Mount Bushing. It easily replaces your worn-out alt. mount bushing and exceeds OEM specifications. Don't settle for ordinary OEM brands which won't last too long. You have to make sure the alternator does not move out of its place to keep your battery well-charged. And that means keeping the belt which drives your alternator tight.

There are a lot of drivers out there who have learned how to push their cars really hard. And that means really flooring the pedal to the metal. If you're one of them, you should know that at full throttle, your engine is resisting almost 40,000 pounds of weight to keep from exploding to pieces. That's around the weight of an eighteen-wheeler truck! That's why you should get the Corteco Cyl. Head Bolt Set to hold it together. Your engine is actually made of three separate pieces: the engine block at the bottom, the cylinder head in the middle and the valve cover on top. It's actually the block and the head that are being pushed apart whenever you floor the gas. The only thing keeping them together is the cyl. head bolt set. However, these bolts can only stretch so much before becoming permanently damaged. For extreme durability, use the Corteco Cyl. Head Bolt Set to hold your engine together. It can be stretched to a much higher limit than OEM cyl. head bolt sets. This ensures that your engine will hold well together throughout its life, even if you race it all the time.Get a new Corteco Cyl. Head Bolt Set now.

Oil spots are never good, especially if they're coming from your rear differential. It's that big, round piece of metal in the middle of your rear wheel axle. If oil's dripping from it, then you've got broken diff. side cover seals in your hands. Replace them immediately with the Corteco Diff. Side Cover Seal. Your differential transfers power from your engine to your rear wheels. Its gears need oil to prevent friction, because too much friction will damage it badly. If too much oil leaks from it, soon you're going to hear grinding noises when you drive. Soon your car will just stop. When the gears have been grinded to their fullest, power won't reach your wheels, and your car will just stand there-powerless. Use the Corteco Diff. Side Cover Seal to fix those leaks! They effectively stop fluid from leaking. It helps keep your rear differential well-lubricated and free from fiction. As long as the differential is well-oiled, you will never have to worry about your car being stuck in the middle of the road. So stop watching oil leak under your car. Drop by CarParts today and grab great deals on the Corteco Diff. Side Cover Seal now!