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Car Cover by Covercraft

When you want an indoor car cover what you really want is protection from dust. The Covercraft Dustop Car Cover offers great protection form dust in a thin, easy to use and store design. Made in the USA with Kimberly-Clark fabric this dust cover features a polypropylene middle layer that works to keep dust, dirt and other airborne particles away fro your car's finish.

While the outside layer of the Caovercraft Dustop Car Cover stays strong, the inner layer is designed with a super soft material that offers protection for your car's finish. The laminated four-layer poly-composite of this cover delivers both strength and softness in one thin unit.

Although the Covercraft Dustop Car Cover works to keep dust out, it also utilizes fully breathable material that allows moisture and heat to escape, keeping your car's paint looking like new. This car cover also comes with grommets for your antenna and tie down cable to ensure fit, ease of use, and durability.

Don't wait until the dust gets any deeper, order your Covercraft Dustop Car Cover now. It comes in a stylish tan color and is backed by a 4-year warranty. What do you have to lose? Get the protection your car needs today.

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Covercraft Car Cover Articles

  • Covercraft Series: Evolution 4

    Covercraft Car Cover

    Want a car cover that can do it all? How about one that protects against wind, rain, pollution, tree sap, and bird droppings? Well, if this sounds like the car cover for you then you need to purchase the Covercraft Evolution 4 Car Cover.

    This car cover boasts a tough exterior that guarantees protection for your car from damaging weather while it features a super-soft inner lining that's gentle on your car's paint and finish. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside- that's the Covercraft Evolution 4 Car Cover.

    The Covercraft Evolution 4 Car Cover doesn't just keep bad things out, the core layers may work to block out dusts but they still breath enough to let air circulate around your car. And, the water-repellant, non-absorbing outside layers fabric may dry quickly, but more importantly they keep your cover from holding any moisture in. Add all these innovative layers together and you get a car cover system that works just like a thick, impact resistant shield.

    The Covercraft Evolution 4 Car Cover is made with quality. Crafted in the USA this car cover is backed by a 4-year warranty. And the custom fit design features grommets for a tie-down cable and your antenna. Choose from grey, tan, or blue material and order your car cover today that way you'll be ready for anything.

  • Covercraft Series: Form Fit

    Covercraft Car Cover

    Looking for a way to protect your car, truck, or SUV while you store it indoors? The Covercraft Form Fit Car Cover offers soft, paint-friendly protection in a tight fit. Made with a Lycra/Spandex fiber added to the woven polyester yarn this car cover really has some stretch- stretch that gives you car protection that fits tight and holds on strong.

    And although this Covercraft Form Fit Car Cover features a stretchy material, it also utilizes stretch memory technology so the cover will always keep its shape. Plus, the innermost layer is crafted with a cashmere-like terry cotton loop that babies your car's finish while offering enough loft to protect against slight impacts. Now how is that for total protection?

    The Covercraft Form Fit Car Cover is also easy to take care of. This cover can be machined washed at home if it becomes soiled. And the equipped grommets made putting on your cover, or taking it off, a breeze. Storage is easy to when the cover folds up small into its own storage bag.

    Order your Covercraft Form Fit Car Cover today and choose from 6 great colors that are sure to match your car or your style. These covers, and their matching storage bags, come in Green, Grey, Dark Blue, Charcoal Grey, Red, and Black. Best of all your new car cover is backed by a 4-year warranty.

  • Covercraft Series: Multibond

    When you need a car cover to protect your car indoors, or even maybe during a small amount of outdoor use, then you need a cover made for convenience. The Covercraft Mutilbond Car Cover is the perfect indoor/outdoor car cover to meet all your needs. Made from a3-layer bonded polypropylene material, this cover works to keep dust and moisture out while letting heat and condensation escape. All this and an economical price. What more could you ask for?

    The Covercraft Multibond Car Cover is made form a mid-weight material that makes the cover extremely easy to put on, take off and store. And, the elasticized bottom seams and customized shape deliver a snug fit that protects every part of your vehicle. An exact fit provides better defense against the elements.

    Designed with grommets for tie downs and your car's antenna, this Covercraft Mutlibond Car Cover also comes with mirror pockets in order to offer the best protection for your car. Plus, it's styles in a heat reducing grey color that adds protection and style to any use.

    For peace of mind when it comes to vehicle protection, order the Covercraft Multibond Car Cover today. It comes backed by a 2-year warranty so you can count on its protection season after season. Don't wait until it's too late; shelter your car the right way today.

  • Covercraft Series: Noah

    Do you need a car cover that works indoors or outdoors to protect your car's finish from the harmful effects of nature? Whether you need protection from the outside rain, or from the inside dust storm, the Covercraft Noah Car Cover can meet your needs.

    The Covercraft Noah Car Cover comes with grommets fitted for tie-downs or a tie-down cable a plus a space for your car's antenna. The custom-made fit of this car cover is available in a heat-resistant Grey style that boasts a special paint-safe inner layer.

    The Covercraft Noah Car Cover takes care of your car with three distinct layers- each layer being responsible for a unique aspect of protection. First the inner layer is made of a polyethylene/nylon blend and is responsible for protecting your car's finish. The middle layer uses microscopic holes to repel moisture yet allow moisture vapor to escape. The third and final layer, the outer layer, is crafted with polypropylene/polyethylene material to make the car cover UV-resistant and durable.

    And when you are down with your Covercraft Noah car Cover? Well, just fold it and store it in the trunk. Or slip it into the handy storage bag. This versatile car cover is made in the USA and backed by a 4-year warranty. Don't leave your car unprotected a moment longer, order your new car cover today/

  • Covercraft Series: Sunbrella Extreme

    Some areas just experience more extreme weather than others. High, hot temperatures, heavy, long lasting rains, extended periods of full sun with damaging UV rays. For these areas you need the protection of a Covercraft Sunbrella Extreme Car Cover for your car.

    The Covercraft Sunbrella Extreme Car Cover used up to the minute technology to protect your car from the elements. Crafted from a UV-resistant acrylic fiber, this car cover is design with the same principles that are used when making awnings, marine fabrics and sail covers. This heavy-duty craftsmanship offers many years of protection from the environment.

    Even though this car cover is extremely tough on the outside, the Covercraft Sunbrella Extreme Car Cover is specially treated on the inside to make it soft enough and gentle enough to protect your car's paint and finish. And, this car cover is also treated to resist fading from the sun and to resist moisture in humid areas.

    Your new Covercraft Sunbrella Extreme Car Cover is custom-made and includes grommets for a tie down cable and your antenna. Plus, its available in 5 great colors that can add style to your car- Burgundy, Toast, Jet Black, Cadet Grey, Sky Blue and Pacific Blue. Don't forget- your Covercraft Sunbrella Extreme Car Cover carries a 5-year warranty.

  • Covercraft Series: Tan Flannel

    What do you do when you need to store your vehicle for the long-term? Search for the perfect car cover, of course. And the Covercraft Tan Flannel Car Cover has just what you are looking for- a soft inner layer, a sturdy outer layer, and a great price.

    First the Covercraft Tan Flannel Car Cover protects your car by utilizing a heavy woven poly-cotton material that's thick enough to offer protection against impacts like door-dongs and other hard objects. Then, this cover utilizes a soft inner layer to provide your paint with long lasting protection.

    Although the Covercraft Tan Flannel Car Cover is tough enough to keep irritants out, its cotton-based fabric is gentle enough to let excess heat and moisture escape. This one-way airflow design allows your car's finish to stay pristine during long term storage. And the included grommets for a tie down and your antenna help ensure a good fit, which offers even better protection for dust.

    The Covercraft Tan Flannel Car Cover may be made to be used indoors but it still offers great water, mildew and rotting protection. The special fabric of this car cover resists wear to afford your car many seasons of superior protection. The Covercraft Tan Flannel Car Cover is light tan in color and backed by a 2-year warranty. It is also made to fit factory-style spoilers up to three-inches tall. Get the best indoor long-term protection for your car today.

  • Covercraft Series: Weathershield

    No matter what the elements you want total protection for you car. For the ultimate in all weather defense trust the Covercraft Weathershield Car Cover. This car cover utilizes the most high-tech fabric and innovation to provide a custom tailored shelter for your car.

    The key to this all weather armor is the polymer-impregnated woven polyester that stands up to even the roughest conditions. Plus, its reinforced UV protection helps protect your car cover form excessive wear while it shields your car's finish from damaging UV rays. Further more the innovative Covercraft Weathershield Car Cover material absorbs only about 2% of the water on its surface. This tight water seal is still loose enough, however to allow moisture evaporation and air flow.

    The Covercraft Weathershield Car Cover offers protection from its inner layers too. The innermost layer is safe and gentle against your car's paint and finish. And when you are ready to take of your cover, either for a quick dry or for storage, the Covercraft Weathershield Car Cover can be folded into the size of a football. And its machine washable. How's that convenience?

    To ensure that you get the car cover that's right for you, the Covercraft Weathershield Car Cover comes in 8 great colors to match your car or your decor. Choose from Yellow, Taupe, Red, Green, Light Blue, Grey, Bright Blue & Black. And don't forget- your car cover comes with a 4-year warranty.

  • Covercraft Series: WeatherShield HD

    Looking for great protection for your car that will stand up to extreme weather and long-term use? Then the Covercraft Weathershield HD Car Cover is the cover for you. This impressive cover is perfect for use in intense sun conditions or along coastlines due to the special additives that prevent UV damage. This additive helps protect your car's finish and interior.

    But the Covercraft Weathershield HD Car Cover doesn't just protect against the harmful effects of the sun, this cover also offers protection from water, dust, sap, and industrial pollutants. And it has a tough exterior that acts like armor for your car while still retaining its ability to allow heat and moisture to escape before it can harm your car's paint. Plus, the innovative fiber-encapsulation process and fabric of this cover allows it to prevent dust from entering the cover and to shed water as soon as it hits its surface. To remove excess water, just shake the cover or allow it to dry on the vehicle.

    These Covercraft Weathershield HD Car Cover isn't just strong on protection, its also strong on durability. By utilizing a special base material this cover is able to resist tearing. It also resists fading to ensure long-lasting quality.

    Big on defense, but not big on size, the Covercraft Weathershield HD Car Cover folds up to half its volume when its time to store it. And with a 5-year warranty, you can be sure your car cover will offer lasting protection at an unbelievable price. Order your today.