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The Tougher Cowl: APM Automotive or Reflexxion?

One of the numerous car accessories that truck owners are fond of adding onto their vehicles is the cowl. Aside from dramatically enhancing the front of your automobile, this ornament also functions to protect and add support to the windshield and hood. Nowadays, there are a variety of brands in the market, and two of the best contenders are APM Automotive and Reflexxion. We tried them on our Toyota Tundra, and here's a rundown of what came up with our little experimentation:


Generally, all cowls look pretty much the same. However, between APM Automotive and Reflexxion, the difference in styles could still be very obvious. APM Automotive usually makes use of fiberglass or plastic, thus sporting a not-so-tough look. Reflexxion cowls are often made from galvaneal steel, which tends to create a very aggressive look.

WINNER: Reflexxion


We have already mentioned the materials from which APM Automotive and Reflexxion cowls are made, and we have looked at them with aesthetically discerning eyes. This time, let's shift the angle towards the sturdiness of these materials.

Since APM Automotive cowls are commonly built from fiberglass or plastic, they can be easily judged as a weaker option. However, the hand-laid fiberglass from which these cowls are made of utilizes high-quality ISO resin, which is specifically designed to resist corrosion.

On the other hand, Reflexxion takes pride on their cowls made of galvaneal steel, a material produced when the processes of galvanizing and annealing are combined. Because of this, Reflexxion cowls do not flake off even when stamped on or bent. They are also EDP coated, which means they are well protected from corrosion.

WINNER: APM Automotive and Reflexxion


Fiberglass is a lighter material than steel, which makes APM Automotive cowls easier to install than Reflexxion cowls. However, this does not mean that Reflexxion cowls are too complicated to set up because they are actually designed for a no-drill installation.

WINNER: APM Automotive

The mightier contender

APM Automotive and Reflexxion have their respective sets of pros and cons, but one thing is certain-both brands are capable of manufacturing heavy-duty cowls. Whichever option you settle for, rest assured that you'll get your money's worth. However, in the end, make sure to opt for the one that perfectly matches your vehicle.