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Cowl Hood

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Even if they're made from heavy-duty materials, the engine and its parts aren't invincible. Varying temperatures and elements can slowly ruin their quality. What more if they're left out in the open. So to prevent their quick deterioration, they need to have some sort of roof over their heads. And that's what a cowl hood can give them. Just like a flat hood, this component can protect your engine and its parts from the sun's extreme heat, rain, snow, and road debris. What makes this hood stand out though is its overall design. Compared to regular hoods, this version sports a two-inch rise to the cowl. This gives it an edgier look compared to its flat counterparts. Aside from that, the cowl hood can also be equipped with a rear opening that has a screen capable of allowing additional air to enter while stopping debris at the same time. Installation is also easy since all you need to do is bolt them in place. Durability isn't an issue as well since the hood is made from heavy-duty materials ranging from steel or a combination of fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins. Remember, even if your engine and its parts were built to be tough, that doesn't mean they're immune to all types of weather conditions and debris. So to keep them from deteriorating quickly, make sure you cover them with a cowl hood to give them the superior protection they deserve.