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Improve the pulling power of your truck with the Crane Cams line of products. Designed for everyday street use, Crane cams are perfect for both new and late-model trucks, designed specifically to work with aftermarket performance computer chips and stock computers. Crane cams are equipped with absolute reliability, with a smooth idle or very slight lope. Give your low-end torque and horsepower a boost with Crane Cams products-and give your wallet a break with Crane Cams' 100 percent customer satisfaction policy: your purchase will be replaced or refunded in full if your Crane product breaks or you are unsatisfied with its performance.
Crane Truck-Power Cams provide peace of mind. Whether you're trawling over rocks with your 4x4, towing a boat and trailer, bringing a loaded camper to the lake, handling a heavy load of construction material, or pulling another vehicle, you can relax and rest assured your load is secure. Crane Cams and Crane Cam gears add extra pulling power and increase both mid-range torque and off-throttle response, performing equally well on flat terrain, highway on-ramps and long uphill grades. Crane Cams are not specialized racing cams; they are made for you and your vehicle, no matter what you haul with your truck or SUV.
An amazingly elementary design provides Crane Cams with an edge over the competition: the "Quick Lift" rocker body design. Decreasing effective rocker arm ratio produces horsepower and enhances throttle response with the Crane throttle body spacer. The Quick Lift rocker body achieves this by providing at least a 0.1 percent higher ratio than advertised, which decreases through the first .300-inch net valve list and then maintains a rate of between .300 and 0.1 higher than average. Crane Cams' rocker bodies also feature a lower purshrod seat location, which effectively causes the tip to contact the rocker body at a lower point in the operating arc. The arc travels away from the stud to increase the distance from the pushrod seat to the pivot point, effectively lowering the rocker ratio and boosting your vehicle's performance and response. No other cam manufactures feature this innovative "Quick Lift" design.
Crane Cams manufactures an entire line of top quality performance accessories for your working vehicle, including Crane cam gears, Crane camshafts, and Crane throttle body spacers. Crane is a recognized leader in the automotive industry, providing custom factory-specific cam products for everyday use that outperform the competition at every turn. Whether you're in the market for cam gears, Crane camshafts, throttle body spacers, or any accessory designed to boost your truck's performance, reliability and power output, Crane Cams has what you need.

Crane Cams Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Crane Cams Product, For the Right Job

    Designed specifically for trucks, Crane Cams will put the power exactly where you need it

    Crane Cams deliver torque and acceleration exactly when you need it because they're tested under real-world conditions

    Crane is so sure you'll love this product they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

    The Crane engineering staff is always working to ensure proper response in even the most complicated computer controlled systems

    Crane Cam specializes in products to increase the power and performance of the average street driven car. Starting in the engine, Crane Cam has fabricated performance engine parts, which replace the stock equivalent. The entire valve train can be purchased from Crane Cam, including rocker arm kits, rocker arm studs, valve springs, valve stem locks, and valve stem seals. Each piece of the valve train that Crane Cam sells is precision engineered to burn fuel more efficiently, allowing for a horsepower increase. As its name suggests, Crane Cam also produces high-performance cams, which allow the intake and exhaust valves to open and close efficiently, thus producing a more complete combustion of fuel. Crane Cam ignitions are another renowned product, for their superior performance, long life, and great features, including fault checking and rev-limiter. In addition, Crane Cam makes Quick-Flow throttle body spacers, which feed air into the combustion chamber at an increased rate, with a more efficient tornado-like airflow. Crane Cam makes high-quality timing gear sets and distributor gears as well. When getting fuel from the tank is an issue Crane Cam steps forward with its fuel pressure regulators and pushrods for the fuel pump, which monitor and ensure proper fuel flow and pressure. Crane Cam also makes an assortment of accessories, including a large variety of lubricants, shims for parts, vacuum kits, trays for organizing engine parts, calibration tools, micrometers, engine tuners, spark plug wires, and specialty tools, which are used in engine assembly and disassembly. For any application requiring high performance, Crane Cam is there for the parts.

    Crane Cams manufactures high quality Crane Cam Gears for both Chevrolet engine distributors and timing sets. For Chevrolet engines there are very few distributor gears that compare to the quality of Crane Cam Gears. These Crane Cam Gears are available in both copper alloy and coated steel. When using a steel cam, the copper alloy Crane Cam gears are required, and their performance has been optimized using precision machining methods. For applications in which longer life is required, such as racing, Crane Cam Gears are available in coated steel for Chevrolet engines employing cast flat-faced lifters or steel roller camshafts. With high usage, the standard bronze gears of a distributor wear out much faster than the new Crane Cam Gears made out of steel. The Crane Cam Gear is specially heat-treated and manufactured using a unique process, increasing the life expectancy of the gear by a great amount. Crane Cam Gears also makes timing gears, available in sets, which replace the OEM product and last considerably longer. The Crane Cam Gears timing sets are manufactured with a roller style chain, which considerably reduces the friction of the system, thereby substantially reducing wear on the gears themselves. The sprockets of the Crane Cam Gear timing set contain multiple keyways, which for a standard installation, advancement of the cam, or retardation of the cam. This allows the Crane Cam Gears timing set to be adjusted for the power need by the particular application, either for more low-end power or for more power at the top end of the acceleration curve.

    For high performance in a street machine, a Crane Cam Ignition is a great solution. No matter what make or model car, truck or sport utility vehicle it is, there is a Crane Cam Ignition available. There is a Crane Cam Ignition for vehicles with a distributor, which relies upon capacitive discharge ignition technology. Also for vehicles with a distributor, there is the inductive Digital Multi-Spark Crane Cam Ignition. If the vehicle has a four cylinder engine without a distributor there is the capacitive discharge Crane Cam Ignition. All models of the Crane Cam Ignition feature a universal harness, which speeds installation by reducing the need to rewire the vehicle. The Crane Cam Ignition unit is housed in a fully sealed enclosure, made out of urethane, which stops harmful dirt, grease, heat, and moisture from entering the unit and harming the electronics. Spark energy, and therefore fuel-burning efficiency, is much higher in the Crane Cam Ignition system, when compared to the original stock ignition. Crane Cam Ignitions are also compatible and easily used with other performance enhancements such as turbo-charging, super-charging, or nitrous systems. The RPM can be controlled in the Crane Cam Ignition with the built in rev-limiter, adjustable in 100-RPM increments. Because the system was designed for street performance, the Crane Cam Ignition system is also legal in all 50 states. For superior performance in almost any application, the Crane Cam Ignition is an easy to install unit that instantly adds more power and efficiency to your vehicle.